6 Mar 2017

6th March 2017 In best chimp style.


Monday 6th 36F, +2C, slightly misty, windy, cool and grey, again. Not satisfied with winter returning, but rain, sleet or snow are forecast to boot. As I have suggested here before now, it is no wonder the Danes went on a global conquest spree. That was back before Putin could alter the weather and elections in his favour, of course. Probably 1000 years ago, give or take. Only a professional YT cynic would suggest that Putin has been with us forever. It just seems that way. 

The Swedes have reintroduced national service to quickly reign in Putin's desires for further Western conquest. While Denmark has put several policemen on the German border. Just in case of a pincer movement. Which probably means I should invest heavily in organic mouse mats before a shortage forces prices through the roof. It's hard enough to get decent organic bananas in Denmark in peace time. The present crop are greener than crab apples from a pre-pubescent scrumping trip. 

It's not all bad news though: Thanks to Firefox I have discovered that one can open bananas from "the wrong end."  As I rapidly approach my 70th birthday this is vitally important information. I hadn't been getting on well recently with the traditional "zip puller" end. With organic bananas rocking between acid green and black and blue, I seem to have rather lost the knack. Probably along with many other of my faculties if only I could remember which. Yes, I know it's all in the wrist action.. but how does one judge the compliance and tensile strength from the external appearance before it is far too late? I must have been day dreaming during that particular lesson. Firefox tells us to pinch the blunt end and the banana will split open. Chimp style. Perhaps more importantly: Is calling our country cousins "Chimps" too non-PC these days?

Walked around the 3 mile rural block in an hour and a quarter. Rather cold and depressing under yet another, heavy overcast. Not so many birds about today. Except for a pair of Mute swans which landed nearby on a field. The field has a couple of untidy copses with ponds. So they may have been looking for longer term accommodation rather than a simple, takeaway breakfast. I hid behind the hedge to avoid my directly affecting their choice. No doubt my reputation has taken yet another dive.

Only a seven mile shopping ride in a cold wind. A small bird of prey almost took my head off as it was disturbed by Jackdaws. The braces/suspenders are proving well worthwhile and the cost per mile falling with every ride.

Less pleasant was changing the sensor's 20-32 button batteries for my Wireless Sigma 16.12 STS CAD cadence computer. Struggling in freezing cold, windy conditions I dropped the lid of the cadence sensor. The tiny, metal, spring contact clip on the edge of the lid vanished into the gravel. So no cadence readings from now on. Bøøger! Sigma is obviously aware of such senior moments [by all ages] and sells the sensor battery "doors" as spares in the US for $3. Now all I need is a Danish dealer to avoid massive, minimum postal and import charges. The two, main, online bike dealers could not help.

A new cadence sensor is about £20 equiv. The complete computer with sensors nearly £40 [equiv.] bought online. The Sigma has been quite brilliant. Vastly better than any other computer I've ever tried and relatively inexpensive for a cadence reading. Nice big screen with decent sized numerals to avoid the need for reading glasses. The display head uses a rotary motion to lock into place instead of the usual, linear missile launching ramp.

Tuesday 7th 32F, 0C, very light winds but a heavy overcast. Light flurries of snow turned to frozen rain and then petered out as I walked to the village and back. Several of the local ponds have Coots pottering about now. A pair on one village pond did very well last year but another pair produced no offspring at all. Constantly moving flocks of Redwings can sometimes come together in their hundreds in a single tree. But seem to break down to smaller flocks for most of the time. They happily forage amongst the blackbirds out on the larger lawns. No sign of yesterday's Mute swans today. Busy on a project so no ride today.

Wednesday 8th 32-37F, 0+3C, breezy and very, very, very grey. Walked my usual forest route backwards. No, not that kind of backwards. I simply meant that I walked it anticlockwise and wasn't looking for a free proficiency badge from the Guinness Book of Slightly Unusual Irritations. The forest floor was looking a bit threadbare today. No sign of any wolves as reported on the Danish news.

The Danish post office is badly broke[n] and will sack 40% or 4000 staff. Reducing deliveries for ordinary mail to once a week. With an express service for those willing to pay for it. Packet deliveries are said to have halved too.  Which is a bit odd considering the success of local supermarkets taking over responsibility for accepting and handing over packets. The shelves are often full of packets waiting to be collected. PostNord also want a huge handout from the taxpayer. No ride today as it turned wet and windy at lunchtime.

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