27 Mar 2017

27th March 2017 NO PRESS PLEASE!


Monday 27th 38-54F, 3-12C, heavy overcast, thick mist, almost still. More sunshine threatened for later. I am still suffering odd aches and pains from my freestyle, base-jumping off the top of the stairs. Princess Diana enjoyed huge publicity and public sympathy for her supposed [and supposedly] deliberate header. All I got for my trouble was a few extra visitors to my blog. Perhaps it was the huge sign I put on the gate? NO PRESS PLEASE! 

It's a good thing I have such an acute sense for the ridiculous. Despite the frequent rants I really don't go around with a chip on my shoulder. I drive my wife mad by chuckling at some items of the news and life's little setbacks. Perhaps it is just my way of coping with completely outrageous, global lunacy. How else can you describe a world so befuddled by such "unfortunate" behaviour? There is no depth to which many people will not sink to make a quick buck. Or gain a leg up the shaky ladder to see over the mountains of their looted possessions.

When they closed all the large mental hospitals they put most of their patients in the prisons. Where they were considered far too dangerous, for normal prisons, the real 'nutters' were safely steered into politics, big business or became professional commuters.

Somewhere between a rock and a hard place? Brooks Proofide produces a deep, warm glow!

Our world's problems are not really a lack of anything. It is the deliberate, sociopathically-inspired withdrawal of goodwill and basic human rights by a bunch of meddling, tinpot, tribal leaders, who always know best. They can all see through each other's transparent corruption so must stick together to keep themselves in power. My sympathies go out to the future's historians. Whom must desperately try to unravel the intertwined ravings and petty habits of a bunch of complete and utter nobodies.

Well, it must be time for a stroll along the linear, lunatic asylum they call roads. Well, the commuters were all quite well behaved today as the mist cleared. I saw a pair of Bullfinches and the pair of coots were back on the church pond. Both coots were completely ignoring each other, as usual. There were no young last year so perhaps they need marriage counseling? The shared vicar may be able to help.

A seven mile ride in the late afternoon to fetch the everyday items, which were out of stock, at several supermarkets yesterday. The yellow butterflies have reached our garden but refused to pose for my camera. Nature in the raw.

The Danish government is trying to save money, to provide increased tax breaks to foreign billionaires, by getting rid of police-manned, speed control, camera vans. They tried to use cheaper labour in the camera vans but the staff were often threatened or even assaulted by the raving crackpot, driving psychopaths.

The manned vans will be replaced by fixed cameras only at known accident blackspots. Traffic researchers warn of an increased death roll. They say that fixed cameras only have a very local preventative effect. Often for only a few seconds and only at the precise point where the camera is shown to be sited by the large warning signs. As soon as the "danger" [to their illegal behaviour] is passed/past then illegal speeds go right back up again. Only a "serial texter" would fail to notice the warning signs. So only they would pay a speeding fine. I suppose it's a kind of accidental-lopsided justice.

I could tell them where to stick their cameras! There are plenty of local villages where the traffic often averages double the speed limit. The flashing orange lights, meant to indicate illegal speeds, never stop blinking on some stretches! The other problem is that the indicator boards often read up to 6 or 7km slow. Every time a vehicle passes! All this is doing is steadily programming drivers to believe that their own speedometers are reading fast. What other explanation can there be for an officially installed piece of street furniture?  To make matter worse, the flashing warning lights are so slow to react that they only ever light up once the criminal driver has already, long passed! How daft is that? Woohoo! 😏

Only the vehicle behind ever sees the flashing lights caused by the speeding vehicle. And is often shown a totally ridiculous, completely random speed, when they themselves may be traveling at the correct speed. So the safe driver, progressing at a perfectly legal speed suddenly slams on their brakes to avoid driving illegally. [Insert exclamation marks, to taste, or as appropriate!] Woohoo! 😏

I have regularly seen a 50-60kph speed indication as I have trundled past on my trike at a measly 20kmh or less! This is always call for a raised hand in a victory salute as I cross the finishing line! Well, you have to, don't you? πŸ˜‡

 It's absolutely no wonder [at all] that the Danes often ignore these warning notices and flashing indicator boards! They are a rather sick joke if they are actually meant to be saving lives. What is the real message to drivers here? We spent billions, of your own money, installing these speed indicator boards but really couldn't be arsed to install them correctly. Nor even bother calibrate them correctly.

The flashing orange warning lights are really just there as entertainment for following vehicles. Any fool could see that putting more flashing lights on the back of the sign would provide an early warning for those downstream of the approaching psychopath. Imagine how many stares of condemnation that would provide to shame the psychopathic driver. Many drivers speed locally through familiarity. Most accidents occur near the drivers home. How much extra would it cost to put an extra flashing light, or two, on the backs of these boards compared with all their other daft ideas?

There is a regular campaign every year to put up temporary road signs asking drivers to slow down a little. Many drivers use them as a sign to drop a gear and put their foot down. Many signs end up being damaged by psychopaths. They represent an affront to their dignity as driving psychopaths. After all, it's always the fault of somebody else.  
I can confirm that several, brand new, recently installed examples of speed indicator board are no better than  those which have been behaving badly for the past 20 years! Some are so badly aligned that the traffic has passed before they even show a speed or flashing lights!

Save a penny on unskilled, uninterested installation workers and waste a valuable safety resource worth billions in avoided accidents and emergency hospital care. The cost of every injury-related accident, including all the associated costs is absolutely enormous! Every single, extra kmh/mph, over the speed limit, greatly increases the risk of injury or death to pedestrians, cyclists and [perhaps] drivers.

If this is a <cough> indication of traffic calming technology then the fixed speed cameras are very unlikely to be an improvement. They will only provide a highly localized preventive slowdown before the leaden feet go back down on the accelerators.

I'd suggest these cameras should be tested for accuracy before every single conviction. Except that's not how it works. A fixed penalty notice is sent in the post. Pay it and forget it. A victimless crime. Going to court, to argue your case, is made deliberately costly. How do you prove that the camera is not accurate? You simply can't. At least with the manned police vans the officers were required to test and calibrate the speed indicated by their equipment. What will they do with these fixed speed cameras? Send a police vehicle past once a month to measure their accuracy by eye?

What about all the other roads where there are no cameras? What about all the villages with 50kph/30mph speed limits? Those with roadside schools, where drivers speed past at twice this speed? Where the driver's need for speed is always greater than a bunch of little children waiting patiently at the kerb. As the brightly illuminated 30kph [20mph] LED sign is routinely ignored. Once past the waiting children the driver turns sharply into the supermarket car park. To loll on a shipping trolley like a zombie movie replayed in slow motion. Another victory for common sense!

The most obvious and democratic speed reducer is the traffic hump. Even here the councils have removed them when they caused irritation to those living alongside. Perhaps the humps were simply too damaged, too often, to keep maintaining them? They were always heavily scarred by vehicles which had scraped them through excess speed bottoming out their suspension. The locals knew it was there and, over time, would steadily increase their speed until they could cross it with the minimum of discomfort and maximum velocity.

The major problem with road humps, apart from the constant racket, is allowing emergency vehicles to pass safely. There were some experiments with rubber humps which could be rapidly deflated by approaching emergency vehicles but I haven't seen any myself.

I have a regular fantasy that those rising bollards, which they have in British bus lanes, would suddenly pop up in front of speeding vehicles at village entrances. The driver would automatically be treated as uninsured, by law, and the vehicle sent straight to the breakers yard. Well, one can dream. After all, it's not as if lives are at stake. Is it?


These are only, annual, road death statistics for Denmark. Not real people and certainly not something to be taken seriously. 😎 Not when savings must be made so that billions can be handed over to foreign crooks by the Danish taxman.



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