20 Mar 2017

20th March 2017 Braces'Я'Us.

Monday 20th 40-46F, 4-8C, overcast, misty and breezy. Another wet day is promised. This might just be my personal tricycling gods enforcing a rest to recover from my parachute-free descent of the stairs. Very steep stairs, too, I might add. They'd never get away with this in Gravely. When I think of the thousands of times we both climb and descend these stairs per month it is statistically unlikely that accidents would not happen. While descending one can feel the last stair tread pressing firmly into one's Achilles wotsits. I blame my cycling prowess on the number of times I climb the precipitous "ladder." 

I may have a  clear opening for an exploratory walk before the deluge arrives. The chart shows inclemency at about 9am but the text suggests a lunchtime onslaught of the wet stuff. We even had a brief flurry of snow yesterday. While that might have been acceptable in the recent past, I have been saving up my CO2 allowance in expectation of an early spring and will not be disappointed!

Walked to the village and back. Mist is clearing. Later I was ceremonially handed back my [shorts] braces and cycling boots and sent off on a shopping expedition. Only a little pain in my back but my chest was really bunged up. I kept coughing and spluttering until I reached the village. Going much better on the return at 16-18mph with a hint of 20mph despite being well laden. The cross-tailwind may have had something to do with my new found form. It started raining on the way back. Enough to wet my knees and blind my yellow sunglasses. Am I having fun yet? Only 7 miles.

Tuesday 21st 38-45F, 4-7C, highly variable cloud and wind. With sunny periods, inky skies and rain in between. Walked without pain to the village. The "stair burn" on my upper thigh has turned into to an occasionally painful scab. Since I shan't be wearing a triathlon bikini, I can safely ignore it. Luckily it doesn't seem to cause distress through normal flexure. But that may just be the way I walk. It was not supposed to rain until lunchtime [again] but it has already broken every unwritten rule in the meteorological handbook. 35-40mph gusts promised for this afternoon. It's a shame I gave up kite flying. The first hint of leaf buds on the willows and birches. A strange day of gusty winds and wintry showers without a ride.

In breaking news:  The Copenhagen, cycle hire system is broken. They are hoping somebody else will take over the service to avoid the huge expense of collecting loads of bikes scattered all over the city. In  further news: Denmark has paid off all its foreign currency debts thanks to a single speed camera in the local village.

The blog author wishes to apologize for the severe lack of pictures. Normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Wednesday 22nd 35-48F, 2-9C, bright, sunny and almost clear, but breezy again with possible showers. I was caught in a brief, snow and hail storm yesterday afternoon while trying to work outside. The temperature was 45F or 7C. A walk to the woods and loop around the firebreaks and tracks. Very soggy underfoot with lots of animal tracks in the wet mud. Managed a few snaps in the soft light.

Late morning ride in windy conditions with variable sunshine. Going quite well. 18 miles.

Thursday 23rd 35-50F, 2-10C, white frost on the grass, bright and potentially sunny but with thin, high cloud. Just a walk to the village and back under changeable cloud cover. The air is full of birdsong. We had a Hawfinch in the garden. No ride today.

Friday 24th 29-54F, -2+12C, white frost on the grass, still and bright with thin high cloud. Sunny with light winds promised. Walked briskly to the village and back. The Coot on the village pond is  now alone. Rode away after coffee. Going well despite the pain in my chest and back. Bright sunshine with winds light enough not to be a nuisance. Two bright yellow butterflies almost collided with me as I rode through the forest. A bit early for them, but the flies were out too in the 54F sunshine. 24 miles.

Saturday 25th 40F, uniform grey with light winds. Some sunshine and 12C promised for later.

Thank god I wasn't daft enough to fit an action cam to my trike and post the videos of criminal driving behaviour online! A women, who captured images of a flasher and then posted the images online, is to be prosecuted for a second time. Her crime: Publishing images of crime or criminal activity without herself being registered. [Whatever that means.] My understanding is that Danish whistle-blowers, who share images or videos of crime, face far heavier sanctions than the criminals themselves.

This story makes the Danish headlines at the very same moment that Danish politicians are passing a law against gang members and rockers. Which some claim goes against their basic human rights to be criminals. These same gang members will not tolerate police security cameras on their 'turf.' Nor may shops point their security cameras at public areas. Nor share images to warn fellow shopkeepers when they have evidence of shoplifting or crime on their own premises. Nor will the police guarantee to attend and arrest shoplifters. Nor may the public point their private security cameras at public spaces in order to protect the privacy and human rights of potential criminals. The huge irony of all these parallel dimensions may not escape you.

Walked up to the forest and looped around fire breaks. Lots of birds, including a large Crane foraging between the woods and the fields.

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