23 Apr 2016

23rd April 2016 Bloody Sunday drivers!


Saturday 23rd 42F, 6C, white overnight frost, bright sunshine with light winds. I was undecided where to go for my walk. So I looped along the tracks inside the woods and back the same way. Disturbed two deer and a mid-sized, brown bird of prey. Lots of birdsong in the woods including Chiff-chaffs, Chaffinches, Great tits and Robins.

You have to have a good tilth. 
More wheels than a freight train!

Another hour and half expended in life-enhancing exercise and soaking up the green stuff. Swallows are still few and far between. I saw only one today.

The weather has gone crackers! After starting bright and cloudless and reaching 50F it turned grey and then nasty black clouds appeared. My 18mph cruise to the shops with a cross-tailwind had to be repaid with interest on the way home.

Miles away from the 1st [above] and yet more raking as far as the eye can see.

A scruffy white van with Polish number plates was speeding illegally in one village and pushed past me at elbow distance with nothing coming the other way. Pissed as a fart, drugged, registered blind or just another driving sociopath? Take your pick. Or take all of them. It's only another driver after all and there are no victims of bad driving. The death and injury statistics are lies or "They'd" do something about reducing the claimed casualties. So, apparently, it hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. We are all disposable to their greater need. Imagine if I had written a post heading: "Cyclist threatened by Poles outside supermarket!" But it was on the road so it doesn't count as threatening behaviour.

What about the raving fuckwit who overtook several cars in the village with his engine screaming as he reached [probably] 70mph or 110kph in a 30mph/50kph speed limit before disappearing rapidly out of sight. No cameras = no crime. We lay down our lives for their greater need. Martyrs to their whim to gain one, or perhaps, several car lengths to reach the back of the next queue of "bloody Sunday drivers". The true test of sociopathy is just to watch them drive.

Psychopathy is as rife as obesity it seems and one certainly does not exclude the other. As clearly depicted by a 40 stone blob accelerating hard past the shops as I loaded my bags onto my trike. Cars are the great equalizers. The modern Western Colt 45. No test of fitness for use required. Not even a license in many cases. The only qualification is ownership of the weapon. The rest is history. 
Ragged black curtains of rain were hanging like filthy underskirts from the inky clouds up ahead and the temperature dropped 10F as I neared home. Fortunately I made it safely before it started hitting the windows and the wind picked up even more. Tonight will be freezing again with a risk of snow in many parts of Denmark! 16 miles.

Sunday 24th 34-47F, 1-8C, continuing light NW winds. Overcast but fairly bright. We are promised early brightness followed by rain or wintry showers later. The willows are finally turning green but many other trees are probably still weeks away. No sign of snow or even a white frost. Just a half hour walk today to get the circulation going. After coffee I rode to Odense with what felt like a tailwind. I was averaging 16-18mph on the flat. Did my shopping and then headed home again. Lots of smashed bottles on the cycle paths near Bauhaus.

A couple of drunks noticed me waiting at a traffic light and started shouting. "What have we here for a three wheeled racing cycle?" I grinned, the lights changed and I was gone. Then I stopped at a bench beside the cycle path for my second sandwich. Three lads went past on their scooters and shouted that I had a very fine cycle. It spotted with rain and hail enough to wet the roads but went off. Loads of cyclists out training today. Not that I could stay with any of them. I came back by another much hillier route and stopped at the shops again. Just over 4 hours for 43 miles isn't bad considering all the stops. The sun has come out and the wind picked up now I am home.

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