9 Jul 2018

9th July 2018 Fairy tale Castle in danger from drought!


Monday 9th 58F, overcast and windy. Expected to gust to 30mph and not exceed 70F. Five days and nights of hiccuping and counting. I can't sleep so I am getting up and sitting on the computer until 4am or trying to doze in an armchair. Lying down is worst because I get multiple spasms and my whole body shakes. Sometimes it stops briefly after I have eaten a light meal but I have been avoiding anything heavy or coffee.

I've lost count of the number of times I have tried all the familiar "100% guaranteed" remedies on you tube. None of them has had the slightest effect on me. I woke this morning with the hiccuping stopped but it started straight after a small bowl of organic muesli and a cup of tea. I walked to the village and back but didn't have the energy to go off-road today.

The "quack" was good enough to fit me in on the end of his regulars. The first tablet worked within half an hour to put an end to the hiccups for the moment. Perhaps I can get some sleep now! And did! Had an afternoon nap and slept for three hours.

The Danish drought is causing more problems. The moat at the famous, fairy tale castle at Egeskov is dry and cracked. With no water reserves to wet the ancient oak foundations it could rot and the whole thing could topple! I've been all over its historical insides.

Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th:  On Tuesday I was far too ill from the tablets to know what was going on. The entire day was spent hanging over sick buckets, moaning feebly or sleeping. I won't dwell on the other symptoms. Save that I was sure I would die sooner rather than later that day.

I am writing this on the evening of Wednesday on Day 3. Or in the [very slow] recovery phase. So much for bragging about my healthy lifestyle! A solitary banana accounts for 48 hours of food intake. Water tastes foul when you just want to re-hydrate. I shall never mention hiccups aloud, ever again!  

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