12 Jul 2018

12th July 2018 It's not all summery!

Thursday 12th 72-83F, almost calm and rather cloudy. Well on the way to recovery today with a normal muesli breakfast with coffee and tea.

Followed by a walk to capture some views of the summery countryside. Miles of different grains waiting to be harvested as far as the eye can see.

Countless butterflies in gardens and along the verges on the thistles. Meanwhile the Great Danish Drought of 2018 is now almost 100% of the landmass. With only small patches of 9/10 drought left.

Even at 72F it feels warm and humid today. Though the hygrometer reading doesn't agree. Perhaps I still have a slight fever? The mink gulls took umbrage at my intrusion and moved off to their "airstrip" nearby which had just been harvested. 

The poplar shoots, bursting forth in their many thousands, from the earlier roadside felling, will soon be a serious nuisance. Everything has to be paid for. One way or another. This time the taxpayer will have to pick up the tab for a farmer's quick private profit in expanding his existing prairie.

Talking of paying the price: It is reported that the artificially low cost of US fuel at the pumps has crippled the US car maker's chance of producing competitive, electric vehicles. They simply can't compete after stealing the oil for years, at a forced discount, via "tame," local despots. Who acted as their "fences" in exchange for a few "defense" toys and a few more, tasteless palaces.

On a similar course, the Danish politicooze have locally trashed the planet by reducing taxes on larger vehicles. The result is increased CO2 and traffic pollution as the Danes take advantage in greater sales.
A politicooze spokesperson said that they did not fight AGW through taxation. Dugh? What about the economic ban on electric cars with swingeing import taxation? Did they give Trump the basic idea of import charges? The only few who can afford a gorgeous new Tesla are those who can claim against business expenses. Meanwhile, record numbers of builders are going bust despite an economic upturn.

Talking of builders: The Danes love black roofs. Any black roof will do. Black cement tiles or shiny glazed clay tiles or corrugated fiber-cement. Anything, as long as it's black. The latest news is that those who suffer over-warm bedrooms are very poor performers during the daytime. A cool bedroom or [locally rare] air conditioning is a remarkable advantage to students and workers alike. Some heat pumps will works as ACs but are very inefficient.

Black roofs means vast quantities of absorbed, solar heat into a massive heat sink. Which only releases it slowly for hours, or days to follow, depending on air temperature. Most two story houses have bedrooms upstairs or in the roof area. Poor daytime performers AND on zombie induced drugs? What a way to run a country! 😉

I'd change my own southerly roof to snow white if I could afford it. White, corrugated, cement fiber boards are the only cool surfaces in the entire builder's merchants yards. Go and check for yourself if you don't believe me. Imagine the difference it would make if everybody changed to white? No more heat islands in cities. Cooler bedrooms mean fresh and alert students, drivers and workers.

Solar panels would help to block sunlight from striking the roof.  Though the cost doesn't make any sense unless you were a middle class, early adopter. Who had their bank loan repaid in under three years and then straight into tax-free profit, from grid payback, for energy overproduction.

It seems that "the happiest people on the planet" are dosing themselves on antidepressants in huge numbers. 5th in global national ranking at 85 per 1000 and counting. That means a large percentage of the population is studying, driving and working in zombie mode! Loads of children are on the happy pills too.

The Danish forces are complaining they have to reject 50% of candidates for civil defense duties because of psychological problems! Anxiety, depression and ADHD are mentioned. Obesity and poor muscle tone wasn't. If Denmark is drugging itself to happiness, what about all the other countries lower down the happiness scale? Should we be worried?  😉

We have a new and unknown bird in the garden. Sounds just like two pebbles being clashed together and looks like a warbler with a light eye stripe. Light brown above and lighter below. Or grey above? Watched dozens of YT videos to compare warning calls and appearance. Nothing yet. Extremely active, it is proving incredibly hard to fit into binoculars or a camera.

Confirmed nesting with young in the tall, dense bush nearest the house. We are seeing a silvery grey example and a browner one. The young looked striped and had weak flight ending on the ground. Perhaps the browner version we are seeing is simply the young?

The air is full of hover flies in their stripey jumpers and swallows constantly swooping overhead. With bored gulls circling or following rumours of easy grub. I took some videos of dozens of butterflies on the buddleia in the garden but they were washed out and too bright in the hot 83F sunshine. Not fit for a ride yet. 

Click on any image for an enlargement.

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