19 Jul 2018

19th July 2018 A dash of lime?


Thursday 19th 70-76F, cloud clearing to blue skies and hot sunshine. The first impression on looking up was that high cloud was racing across the sky. Further observation showed it was the lower clumps of cumulus making all the speed.

I walked along the marsh and then looped around the harvested prairie. The birds were fewer this morning except for a noisy family of Greenfinches. No sign of any birds of prey today. Against all logic it seems more insects die in dry weather. Which causes problems for insect eating birds feeding their young. The advice now is to put out water for the birds. No ride today.

Friday 20th 60-80F, calm and bright but with rippled cloud like a beach. Now 40 days with a perfect 10 score for drought. No real rain promised for weeks ahead. As I was walking along the road I spotted tractors liming the prairie. It was a spectacular sight to see the long trail of white "smoke" back-lit by the sun against the dark crops and forest.

It was then I discovered my camera battery was completely flat! Grr. So I walked home again, swapped batteries and returned to the scene. Alas the excitement was over. The sun had risen, killing the earlier contrast and a JCB was refilling the 1st lime spreader. The second, smaller tractor was moving much more slowly so that it left only a modest trail.

An early evening ride after an 80F peak mid afternoon. I was chasing a chap up ahead on his racing bike for a couple of miles.  Cruising at 18-20mph thanks to a tailwind. Then, just as I was about to pass him in a sprint and preparing to punch the air, he abruptly turned off. My victory was denied me! Don't you hate it when that happens? The shops were literally empty of customers at that time. The whole of Denmark has to be at the dinner table at 6pm precisely or the Drones want to know the reason why. Only 7 miles returning heavily laden. I keep seeing a jogging pram rusting away in a garden. With alloy wheels it might form the basis of a shopping trailer. Probably not a good idea. Too many other projects on the boil.

Saturday 21st 72-80F, bright and sunny. Enjoyed a warm walk around the harvested fields. Not much wildlife today apart from a few sparrows and swallows. The hedges are really beginning to get drought stressed and so was a patch of Japanese Knotweed by the road. With lots of crisp brown leaves on the top of earlier growth. No ride today.

Sunday 22nd 64-74F, breezy and bright. A warm walk along the lanes. Almost no birds and very light traffic.

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