4 May 2018

Friday 4th May 2018 Green bin brown shirts!


Friday 4th 46F, 8C, bright but cloudy, almost calm. I was less than calm after finding the green "recycling" bin had not been emptied. Worse, that the bin emptying service had gone to the trouble to print a special card to hook over the handle. Not content with our having to drag the damned great bin 70 yards to the nearest pickup point. Where they will deign to empty it. [Every bloody time and back again!] I'm over 70 you know! They want us to do their sorting job for them but without any intensive training or instructions. There are far more things one isn't allowed to put in the green bin than things which are. Only it's a complete secret until they leave the specially printed card with the hook on it.

The binmen have the [voluntary option] to empty the bin with a reminder to us of our mortal sins, but they didn't. There is  absolutely no mention inside the bin lid instructions on not binning black plastic. We had dropped a couple of small, organic tomato trays in on top of the rest. That was enough to warrant corporal punishment and another fortnight with a full bin.

Ironic, considering our lifetime's green credentials. Just as the Danish <cough> Environment <cough> Minister takes his leave with a fat, lifetime pension and allowances. His high point, in having faithfully served the intensive, big prairie, big-chem, big-agro, under his false title pretenses? The shooting of a fully protected, solitary, wild wolf from the safety of a car as it crossed a distant field. So proud were they of their [piss poor] skill at hunting their elusive prey that a video surfaced of the exact moment of bloody carnage. It wasn't even a kill shot but the beautiful animal obviously suffered if only briefly.

A tiny handful of wolves are moving north into the empty, mono-culture prairies of Jylland from Germany. Agricultural animals never venture out of doors in Denmark. Except for a few organic cows. Which make the news headlines every year as they bound excitedly from their winter quarters. So it is difficult to see any real danger to livestock. Wolves are very nervous of people but people are even more nervous of wolves, it seems. Perhaps the farmers are afraid the wolves will bite their giant tractor tyres? Whatever.

A self styled "anti-wolf in Danish nature" club was set up. Rumours are that one of their committee was involved in their deliberate target shooting of an innocent animal. Worse, the needless slaughter took place on the land of a budding politicooze. He felt obliged to stand down from his hugely rewarding career on the endless gravy train with generous allowances for life and beyond. 

A new pro-wolf club has now been formed to bring science, intelligence, understanding, logic and the basic truth to having wolves exist in Danish [60% farmland] nature. Given my own habit of wandering the woods, marshes and fields, alone, I am far more afraid of our neighbour's aggressive bløødy dog! It runs free without even the slightest restraint of a gate or fence and is probably the same size as a wolf.

A ride to the more distant shops. Nearly taken off at a roundabout by someone indicating they were leaving at the first exit. Then went straight on! Ironically, there were new warning signs to take care at roundabouts. Dogh.

The Danes do not indicate to show they are taking a later exit on a roundabout. So, unlike in the UK, you have to wait for the car on the roundabout to complete their journey before they finally indicate for their exit. On a mini roundabout I consider this particularly  dangerous. Cars are crossing your path abruptly as you wait to join. If they were taking the second exit [of four] then one has no warning except the absence of an exit indication. 

Guess what? Many Danes never bother to indicate before they exit! Particularly if they are going "straight ahead."  You may well imagine the pointless delays this causes where there is no 'sharp' 1st exit. Car after car drives straight across without indicating as a queue forms on the main roundabout entrance on the main road. You'd think they'd learn, but they never do. It's only driving after all and any idiot can do that [badly.] 17 miles, going well, still not out.

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