8 May 2018

8th May 2018 Flashing a nutter.


Tuesday 8th 60-73F, 15-23C, clear, calm, bright and sunny [again.] Yet more perfect weather for those who like sunburn and sweat, in no particular order.

Highest water table for years in the marsh after the recent, torrential rain.

The Danish police are having a blitz on speeding motorists this week. 1600 caught on the very first day. Meanwhile Gravely Blighted is using less expensive volunteers with speed guns to deter speeding motorists.

The volunteers have no right to prosecute but a third report of a car speeding will usually require a visit from a real policeman. As always, the raving psychopaths hurl abuse at those simply trying to bring greater safety to our roads.

The Danish speeding psychopaths used to attack civilians in police camera cars. So they had to put [normally armed] officers in them to stop such psychopathic behaviour. Though at much higher expense, of course. An officer manning a camera car is obviously unavailable for dealing with other crime. Except controlling and recording an attack by a driving, raving nutter.

Am I the only one who thinks that someone who speeds, then blames and attacks the camera car operative, is a raving nutter? A lunatic who should never [ever] be allowed to drive again? They are obviously working with a rule set completely at odds with any normal society.

Why is causing death by dangerous, or drink driving, not a reason for a lifetime ban on ever owning another license? How can any drunk or drugged driver be allowed to commit a second or third offense? How is it even possible? Is it simply because they are wealthy enough to afford a "proper" lawyer?

Is there any more pleasant experience than a spring walk before the unexpected heat of the day? The air full of bird song. Including the late arrival warblers with their myriad catchy tunes. Fresh green leaves and masses of blossom obscure recently seen vistas. A vast, but distant crop sprayer is safely downwind towards the cauliflower canopy of the beech forest. Acid yellow, oil seed rape competes with flourishing crops of warmer Dandelions. A gentle easterly breeze takes the edge off the climbs. The road falls silent between racing commuters. Those who could no more learn to leave on time than they could fly.

The Danish media is discussing the 80 years since the first road safety film emphasizing the dangers of speeding. My own experience is that I was ALWAYS the slowest driver on the road when we moved here 20 years ago. I simply stuck to the speed limit and had cars, buses and lorries climbing all over my rear bumper. Everywhere I drove it was NEVER fast enough for other drivers. Nothing has changed. The Danish speed limits signs are merely advisory.  I could place speed cameras in several villages locally where only a vanishing small minority of drivers actually stick to the speed limit. Whether they be driving 7-axle, articulated lorries, buses, trucks, coaches, vans or cars it makes absolutely no difference.A school with kids milling about on the pavement as they arrive or go home is absolutely no deterrent to speeding. Far from it. The speeder has a god-given right to speed at will.

We gave up using the motorways because driving behaviour was simply lunatic. Several times we were caught in cloudbursts on motorways and cars were still travelling at 20-30 mph ABOVE the legal speed limit. On one occasion we took the next exit. Because the fastest speed on our wipers would not allow us to see safely ahead at 30mph as we ploughed through 4" of standing water! And still the lunatics were racing along the outside lane and leaving a trail of spray hundreds of yards long.

One day I saw a girl standing in the outside lane with her car ripped wide open by a collision with the motorway's central barrier. The car was facing the wrong way as she was struggling to get her baby out of the passenger seat. Meanwhile, cars were brushing past her at well over 100mph. [Local speed limit ~70mph] Moral limit [say] 30mph?

After that horror show we never used the Danish motorways ever again. It is nothing more than a terraced, mobile lunatic asylum. No day passes when the news is not reporting a Danish motorway is closed due to an accident. Some body, or other, is now saying that it takes far too long for motorways to be cleared of debris after an accident and this is SERIOUSLY SLOWING the traffic. Woohoo! Fat chance!!

Another lunatic behaviour is the slow speed at which the ALL drivers join the Danish motorways. They NEVER EVER match their speed to the motorway. So they ALL join the motorway at the speed they were previously travelling. Normal road +10mph. Which means vehicles already on the motorway have to brake, swerve into the overtaking lane or lift off the gas every time somebody joins.

What follows is completely unbelievable if you didn't see it with your own eyes. [again and again] The driver, who has just severely baulked the motorway traffic, will floor the accelerator. They will shoot to the outside lane to begin illegally speeding. I have seen this happen so often it must be a genetic aberration of many Danish motorway users.

Another, very popular trick, is to cut in wildly in front of a car which has just been overtaken. It is a form of vehicular punishment for driving at the legal speed limit. Many driver cut in so quickly the car visibly wobbles at the limit of stability, with such an inferior driver at the wheel. Having achieved their purpose, in intimidating the "Sunday driver," they will then floor the pedal and blast off down the outside [overtaking] lane.

Most Danish motorways were still only 4-lane [2+2] when we stopped using them. You may well imagine the fun that lorry convoys can cause other users. With only one overtaking lane available and that lane constantly hogged by zombies. It's no wonder the Danes race just to get off the motorways!

Zombie lane blocking is obviously a global phenomenon. If you ever watch one of the YT videos of a high speed run by motorcycles you always see cars sitting in the outer lanes. Usually with nothing in front of them for miles. Or even as far as the eye can see. One can only presume they are all struggling with a very low intelligence quotient. Or, they see themselves as proxy policemen to stop others overtaking?

Today I was sent on a shopping trip to catch up on the items omitted only yesterday when I was still expectant of another ride. 12-15mph going into the easterly breeze. 15-17mph coming home fully laden. A tractor was crawling at snail like speed across the green blush of a spring prairie as two young chaps gather upturned rocks and boulders, on foot, with heavy forks.

The supermarket had no stock of advertised special offers. As is the norm around here. When does repeated failure to supply what is advertised to attract more custom become fraudulent enticement? An Audi driving 'Napoleon' raced past the village school. Obviously over-inflated by delusions of grandeur. Only 7 miles. It was already 73F by 11am. 74F by 2pm.
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