28 May 2018

28th May 2018 Bullshit spreading season.

Monday 28th 62-74F, 17-23C, some cloud with thundery showers possible. The first rain for ages may soon be forgotten by Wednesday. With a return to dry and even warmer weather. I have a painful knee. Which I first noticed while climbing out of the saddle. 

It is reported that Danish car salesmen are deliberately [and corruptly] turning people away from buying electric cars. Simultaneously, Danish businesses are publicly asking the government to cut the crippling import taxes on electric cars. This would allow them to buy fleets of greener transport for carrying their staff and products. 

And, no, Denmark is not run by a diminutive Trump. His hair is nothing like Trumps. It's just the price of electing a right wing government with zero interest in AGW and the environment. Denmark has a vast wind powered capacity. Which only makes economic sense with storage. Guess what? Charging car batteries is free storage. Charging fleets of electric cars is even more serious storage. Having large numbers of electric cars in private ownership on the roads of Denmark makes very serious sense from a storage point of view. It saves giving away electricity to the European Grid every time there's [cough] too much wind.

The innocent citizen pays for the electricity they store in their own electric car battery. Plus the eighteen [cough] environmental taxes on taxes on every single Watt. Well, somebody has to pay for the fleet of noisy US fighter jets as tiny Denmark takes on the Russian threat single handedly. How else is the PM to become the next NATO Boss? Don't answer that.

Meanwhile , the villages, towns, cities and major routes throughout Denmark have dangerous [i.e. illegal] particulate pollution levels from diesel lorries and cars. Remember "environmentally friendly" diesels with deliberately reduced prices [taxes] at the pumps? 

Electric vehicles would seriously reduce transport pollution. Leading to better lives, much quieter roads for countless millions and much lower health risks. But that would be against the ethics of the right wing AGW lemmings. Elected only to end the socialist's open immigration policies. Except, that the lemmings saw their election as a mandate for ripping up all previous environmental legislation, research and monitoring. 

The latest in a long line of [cough] environmental ministers has just left his weekend job on the gravy train. Boosted by a raft of successful reductions in the "crippling" financial scourge on Danish farmers. By allowing them to actively pour poisons directly into streams and around the coasts of Denmark. His former staff are being moved out of Copenhagen to the Rest of Denmark. With the result that many highly qualified and experienced staff leave. Or can no longer manage their workload. Well, that's one way of closing down a politically unwanted ministry in all but name.

Like most countries, Denmark doesn't even come close to the bullshit promises they made at the AGW banquet summit in Copenhagen. That doesn't stop the PM from hosting yet another banquet summit meeting to discuss more bullshit promises. To do nothing more than arrange yet another banquet whatever.

Quite breezy on my walk with skylarks climbing to a couple of hundred feet. I thought I saw a lorry whose driver did NOT have an active mobile phone super-gluing his hand to his ear. I soon recovered from the shock when I realised that I must simply have imagined it. Just another senior moment. No ride today.

Tuesday 29th 61-76F, 16-25C, breezy start with heavy cloud after a night of thunder and torrential rain. We've had a cloudburst already this morning. Expected to clear up later with more sunshine. So I'm still hoping for a ride. Did heavy shopping in the car instead. Warmest day this year.

Wednesday 30th 68-80F, 20-27C, bright and breezy. May is already the sunniest in Danish history as well as the warmest in the 140 years since records began. A modest walk in a warm breeze. After that it just kept getting hotter. Peaking out at 80F, 27C. No ride today.


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