11 Feb 2018

9th February 2018 Snowscenes r' Us

Friday 9th 27-33F, -3+1C, light winds and quite a clear sky but distant views are slightly misty. Walked up to the woods and back down another way. Somebody was sawing down a large tree in the forest but I couldn't see anything. Not even after the loud crash as it fell.

The sun was behind a smokey filter today. Rising as a deep red orb as I left home but becoming progressively softer through thin, misty clouds. A single, white to pale, bird of prey moved away and circled. Perhaps hoping it could return to its perch. The verge was badly chewed up where a large lorry had fallen of the road on a corner. Leaving thick mud on the road. Which I had to skirt as more lorries thundered past and oncoming cars slowed. The low sun obscuring their view of that rare sight. A walker on a rural road. Shopped for very heavy stuff in the car.

Saturday 10th 23F, -5C, almost calm, clear but misty skies. A repeat of yesterday's weather with weak sunshine filtered by very thin clouds. It felt colder than usual on my walk to the village. An occasional, walking speed breeze was enough to make my eyes water.

The ponds are hard frozen over with snow lying on top of the ice. The same was true of the lake at a stately home. A smooth, even, white carpet as far as the eye could see. Several, large birds of prey holding trees down. Rode to Assens and back. Not as fit as I was in the crosswind as the clouds hid the sun. Getting quite breathless on the hills but kept up my cadence. A young MTB rider went past and ignored my greeting. So I chased him for a while but was soon dropped. 18 miles.

Sunday 11th 33F, +1C, windy, overcast and snowing heavily. Stormy gusts to 60mph later as the snow turns to sleet and then rain. I decided to add some spice to my morning walk by going out  in the near blizzard wearing my alpine gaiters and yellow glasses. Having dodged the traffic, to avoid them braking or altering course, I walked back across a rough field. Not quite a winter ascent but good fun all the same. Very little chance of a ride today so I scraped the drive with the long handled, snow shovel for some exercise.The storm force winds have been downgraded to 20m/s, 45mph peaking in the early hours. The snow turned to rain after a couple of inches fell.

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