5 Feb 2018

3rd February 2018 A bit chilly.

Saturday 3rd 28-30F,-2-1C, overcast with a very thin covering of snow. More snow showers forecast for today and particularly overnight. A 40 minute walk to the lanes in frozen rain and a cold, north easterly wind. The GG Nordic gloves provided perfect comfort.

Is it the beginning of the end for the big tech ogres? UnIntel, iRottenApple, Gloogle, Mess and Farcebook have been found sorely wanting of late. Will their despotic leaderships founder on the massive fatbergs of their own making? It seems the false advertising props supporting human creativity are about to be crushed. By the sheer weight of all the crap they have allowed to overburden the rich seams of that human creativity. Even Deep-fake cannot hide the blemishes on these hideous tech ogres when it is finally seen they really do have no clothes to their name. As they retreat to their own shores, carrying their trillions in unpaid global taxes, we must wait to see if they can regroup as honest Netizens.

Another day without a ride as fine, granular snow slowly accumulated. I have been watching more bad driving videos on YT, even tough I shouldn't. The major problem seems to be driver's ridiculously inflated sense of status. This produces psychopathic behavior in many drivers. They have de-humanised all other traffic to a lower status and see all other drivers as unworthy of the slightest care or even basic survival.

If you want the perfect example of mass driver sociopathy in action watch the Russian "Stop a Douchebag" videos. Many of the drivers, stopped by these brave young people, seem to be carrying an 'emperor complex.' They consider themselves far too important to be stopped by mere pedestrians on a pedestrian footpath. No doubt the same mentality applies to the drink driving problem shown in countless other videos of Russian, driving mayhem.

The hideously corrupt police are often equally as guilty in allowing such crimes, even showing their total indifference to the law on camera. Such police behavior should never be tolerated and the films used to rid the Russian streets of these worthless "officers."

The violence the young activists often  face, while the Russian police scum look on, with complete indifference, is mind boggling. Though what can you expect when the whole country is rotten from literally, top to the bottom of the vodka bottle?

Sunday 4th 32F, 0C, Heavy overcast and windy. No more than a couple of inches of overnight snow lying. More snow showers possible this morning. A good long walk anticlockwise up to the woods and back again. A cutting wind made it feel as if frostbite was imminent on the first leg along the road. Stopping to take photographs was a painful experience for my hands. Then I gained the shelter of mature hedgerows and enjoyed their protection. It felt almost still in the lee of the woods as I crunched my way back downhill. There were numerous tracks from the largest dogs to a tiny mouse. With deer and hare tracks in between. Though I saw none of them in the flesh [or rather fur.] No ride today.  


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