5 Feb 2018

5th February 2018 Give me sunshine! 😎

Monday 5th 24F -4C, calm but cloudy. The forecast suggests sunshine but they said that yesterday and there wasn't. Still about an inch of snow lying. I know it's cold in the shed when the snow on the trike is still there several days later. Sometimes it freezes itself to the wooden floor.

I tried to catch the cloud shadows moving across the low hills without much success. The image looks much better at full resolution on a 24" monitor. I have to resize down to 1200 pixels to avoid interminable download times for those on  slow connections. Click for an enlargement if you can.

I keep trying to tidy up a bit but that means taking stuff outside and that's not very sensible with snow on the ground. Nor with constant rain falling. It has been wetter this winter than we can ever remember. With the gravel drive more squishy than solid for literally months on end. Even the frost takes its time to make it easily walkable. It seems to take forever for the puddles to freeze solid. Usually they evaporate away under the ice leaving a fragile and noisy surface.

Another longer walk around the marsh, up through the fire breaks in the forest and back along the track. Several large herons were moving away from me or circling behind the trees.  Bright sunshine added a sparkle to the snow. A pale bird of prey, probably a Goshawk, eyed me as I approached its roadside tree. Only reluctantly moving away at the last moment when a vast container truck made a racket with its brakes. I presume these birds are hungry from the lack of easy prey and saving energy whenever they can. Still 26F, -3C at 11am despite the warm sunshine.

Tuesday 6th 26-32F, -3-0C, overcast and calm, with light snow falling for much of the morning. A short burst of sunshine late morning. Walked for an hour and a quarter in light snow. Not really accumulating though. Several birds of prey sitting out on the fields and watching from high trees. I disturbed a flock of Fieldfares in the hedges.

Late afternoon ride to the shops by which time it had reach freezing point with a light crosswind. I was perfectly comfortable in my winter gear but the the wind still felt very cold on my face. Only 7 miles.

Wednesday 7th 20-32F, -7-0C, breezy with broken cloud and another threat of some sunshine. Walked the three miles around the rural block. It started with bright sunshine and light snow falling but both gave up eventually. Becoming more cloudy. Saw six Whooper swans crossing with two large geese flying in their midst. A cormorant and several birds of prey added their presence. Surprising amount of agricultural activity with tractors going both ways with trailers and implements. It looks as if the pig's muck spreading is starting early.
Had to distance shop in the car.

Thursday 8th 23-34F, -5+1C, slightly misty, calm and almost clear. Most of the cloud has disappeared to leave bright sunshine. It looks rather cold with the snow, misty distances and frost on the trees and hedges. Fieldfares were pretending to be blackbirds. I keep disturbing small flocks of Quail hiding behind roadside hedges. They'd be quite safe if they stayed still but insist on flying away with rapid and noisy wing beats. A continuously sunny day but I was busy and not allowed out.

Click on any image for a an enlargement.

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