4 Dec 2017

4th December 2017 Dark, wet and dismal.

Monday 4th 36-38F, 2-3C, calm and clear. A sunny morning is promised. Enjoyed a walk along the marsh track under a cloudless sky with a blinding sun just rising. Very wet underfoot so it was lucky my boots are still waterproof.

Disturbed a large heron which did a circle and landed at the duck pond. Just as I reached the end of the marsh I noticed drainage work ahead. So I did an about turn and retraced my steps.

Late afternoon ride to the shops. Too many driving psychopaths to count. How ironic that we must wait for AI to replace apes behind the wheel. [Insert whatever the PC term is suitable for those without enough brains to drive like a human being rather than a hairy cousin.] Only 7 miles.

Tuesday 5th 44F, 7C, heavy overcast and breezy. A run of several windy and cloudy days is forecast. My recycled Helly Hansen jacket proved to be less waterproof than blotting paper as my walk started with misty drizzle. It wasn't long before the rain was smoking across the road to add to the plumes of traffic spray. I doubt the jacket has been reproofed from new so it might be worth a shot.

Had the most amazing service from DAO365 delivery at 5am in a neat sealed polythene bag. The local GLS Pakkeshop takes upwards of 2.5 hours to confirm what is already shown as delivered to their collection point on track and trace. While Postnord never [ever] gets around to confirming a packet is already available for collection. It's track and trace or nothing. God help you if you need a code number to punch into the parcel machine.

Wednesday 6th 44-47F, 7-8C, very heavy overcast, very windy with showers. Managed half a mile walk before it started raining properly. Returned home. No ride.

Thursday 7th 42F, 6C, very heavy overcast, gales and rain forecast. I'll need a chin strap on my fleece, bobble hat for my walk. Well  almost.  The trees were roaring so loudly they were competing with the traffic. There is one spot at the top of a rise where the SW wind is funneled. Just there I could almost lean on the wind this morning. The big bale lorry was almost alongside before I heard it. The huge stack of several hundred bales should be completely gone by today.

I wore my wrap around, yellow safety glasses to protect my eyes form windblown dust and debris. Very good they were too. Who cares what I look like as a solitary pedestrian? I had to collect more stove fuel in the car and drove through clouds of hundreds of nervous Fieldfares struggling with the gales.

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