19 Dec 2017

19th December 2017 Cavemen drop more rocks onto Danish motorway.


Tuesday 19th and feeling slightly milder at 35-38F, 2-3C. There was vertically segregated mist when I started my walk. The background trees were softened. While pale white stripes ran across the fields and followed the folds. An early sun was soon squashed by brown cloud. Providing its own, magical, sepia filter for a while.

I reached the woods and then cut back along the side of the marsh. Parts of the rough track were frozen solid. While others were wet and very soft. Still some patches of snow lurking in the deeper shadows. The large pond was partially frozen with a few nervous Mallards skulking on the far side. Or flying off in a panic as I passed. The sky has now turned to uniform grey after a gorgeous start of unbroken blue.

Wednesday 20th 40-43F, 4-6C, light winds and distant car headlights show it is a bit misty. Still pitch black out there at 8am. Walked to the lanes in thicker mist. Later I had a short ride to the shops, in drizzle, but with the mist thin enough not to be a serious hazard. The roads are filthy and so were my tires. Which made the U-lock filthy and my hands black in turn. The filth was also spraying up on the yellow of the saddlebag from my back tires. I'm not sure whether it will come clean again. Or even whether it is worthwhile trying to clean it. 7 miles.

The Danish news reports that motorists ran into massive natural stones deliberately dropped from a motorway bridge. This follows the earlier murder of a German visitor when a huge paving block directly hit the family's windscreen. On that occasion the father suffered such critical injuries that he was placed in a coma. Their child in the rear of the car escaped serious injury.

Thankfully, the cowardly cavemen's basic human rights to privacy are still being fully protected. By the Danish authority's failure to put up cameras on the bridge[s] used for these repeated terrorist offences. There was more stone throwing back in September. No culprit has ever been found for any of these offences. 

This motorway is the only East-West route across Scandinavia. Its closure makes it impossible for vehicles to and from Germany and Holland [and further south] from connecting with eastern Denmark and the capital Copenhagen, Sweden, Norway, Finland and beyond. The only "alternative" route is to drive all the way around the Baltic and then through Russia! A Femern crossing is yet to be built between Germany and eastern Denmark after years of consideration. A series of sunken, cast tunnel sections is the planned means of spanning the intervening sea. The present Danish sea bridges are often vulnerable to high winds.

Every time stones are thrown the motorway is closed for hours while police examine the scene. Then further hours are lost while the entire road surface is thoroughly cleared of debris. It seems very odd to me that this vital artery is placed at such risk just to protect the guilty from being caught in action on security cameras. One dead and others seriously injured but still no cameras nor security lights? Copycat criminals have also been throwing things onto the  motorway in other areas of Denmark.

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