1 Jun 2017

1st June 2017 An excess of springery.

Thursday 1st June. 56-66F, 13-29C, bright and clear with light winds at first. Quite a large bird of prey has just soared over. Long, narrow wings and long tail with a white base. Perhaps a harrier? Another bird of prey with light undersides was soaring on the gales over the local woods.

A decent crop of buttercups competes for colour with the rapidly fading, oil seed rape.

I walked down the busy main road then turned sharply uphill towards my favourite woods. Two hares were messing about in the crops but ducked down as I approached. Then one took off, running flat out for the summit. The other pretended to be invisible until its nerve broke and it followed its mate up the spray tracks. I failed to capture either with my camera. I took more pictures in the forest then completely missed a red deer which was resting right beside the main track. Yet more pictures followed as I walked back downhill towards home. Far too busy for a ride today. I'm making the most of the fine weather to work on a project in the garden. Too busy, hot and exhausted for a ride today.

Friday 2nd 56-68F, 13-20C, bright and sunny with light winds. Short walk then out in the car for more materials. Still too busy, hot and exhausted for a ride today.

Saturday 3rd 62F, 17C, breezy and bright but cloudy. I am definitely doing my Saturday morning ride. I need the exercise to unwind aching muscles from all the hard labour!

With only seven electric cars sold in almost as many years the Danish government's ears must be burning like diesel smoke. They have decided to reduce the several hundred percent purchase tax in a desperate attempt to daub a thick coat of green paint over their rapidly fading environmental credentials.

A brisk walk to the village. The church pond was providing breakfast to a relaxed pair of Mallards. They remained quite unperturbed by my walking past. The sheer number of birds visible and heard today was astonishing. The traffic was amazingly light. But not later as I rode along the main road to the distant shops. Several buzzards were soaring over assorted woods. Legs rather tired. 15 miles.

Sunday 4th 60F, 15C, heavy overcast, slightly misty, calm and damp. Early rain should eventually clear to sunshine. What rain?

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