29 Jun 2017

29th June 2017 About [North] Face, People!

Thursday 29th 60F, 15C, uniform grey overcast. Showers or rain forecast with a warning of cloudbursts. Pop festival "goers" might like to take their inflatables with them. I am, of course, referring to dinghies, not their BFs. It is 2017 and literally millions of years since we stepped down from the trees onto damp grass and we still can't cope with a bit of "heavy dew!"

Impatient Mink gulls waiting for the first band to come on.

Most weatherproof clothing is either not waterproof enough, or as sweaty as an over-tailored bin bag. In fact some of them may be as sweaty as the Asian or South American sweat shops where they were produced by [literally] forced economic slaves working in cramped, 98F conditions in 20 hour shifts. Sweat shops where fires are ignored and the "staff" forced back into often unsafe buildings while the fire continues to burn. About [North] Face, People! Enjoy that great feeling of the Great Outdoors in all your expensive finery. And remember, it's only a fire drop of rain! Actually a bit more than that locally: A short walk followed by a very wet day without a ride.

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