27 Feb 2017

27th February 2017 Wet, wetter or wettest?


Monday 27th 43F, 6C, heavy overcast, rain and wind. It looks as if it will rain all week. I'd better fit a lifeboat to the shed. A short walk curtailed by gale driven drizzle. It stayed wet and windy for most of the day. I was excused [MTB] boots & trikes by The Chief Medical Officer and Head Gardener. The wind could still be heard roaring around the house at bedtime.

Tuesday 28th 40F, 4C, inky overcast breaking up to the north, windy but dry. Showers possible and gusting to 30+mph all day. My hip has been aching. Lack of cycling or lack of walking? I hardly made half a mile down the road before turning back yesterday. My clothing was already soaked by the fine but solid, wind-driven drizzle. Just a walk to the village and back today. Saw my first starling of the year.

Drove to Odense to buy my very first laptop. [Ever!] It rained and it hailed heavily and repeatedly going both ways. I am now typing/writing this on my new toy. It took while to change W10 to English [from default Danish] and then download English Firefox. Then change the screen resolution so I could dispense with the magnifying glass to read what was in the tiny boxes.

The keyboard is nice to type on [and very quiet] but the keys are rather small for my XXXXL EU Size12 fingers. The Head Gardener has developed a taste for browsing over the winter so I needed a backup. I have used laptops before but have never actually owned one. Rather pleased so far. Some new tricks will be needed unless I invest in a mouse. Where I'll put the mat is anybody's guess. There isn't enough acreage beside the touch pad to swing a cat let alone a mouse!


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