1 Feb 2017

1st February 2017 Ya mist me?

Wednesday 1st Feb 35F, +2C, heavy overcast, breezy but dry. The heavy overcast continues. It's no wonder the Danes went off around the world. They were trying to escape from depression before the invention of the massive daily intake of happy pills. Think of the money they would save if they all became spandex clad clowns on tricycles instead.

The top countries for antidepressant use - Business Insider

A cold wind followed my walk along the lanes. Gulls moved away from the fields nearest the road as I passed even when they were hundreds of yards away. I have no idea why they are so nervous. I can't imagine they have many enemies. Their success makes them a very populous bird both inland and on the coasts. They are considered vermin where their aggression and noise spoils towns and  seaside resorts. Their habit of foraging on refuse disposal sites and sewage works does not favour their reputation. While there are often many thousands around here they aren't noticeably noisy. No ride today.

Thursday 2nd 32F, 0C, breezy with a heavy overcast. The cold grey weather continues but with more wind. 10m/s gusts means 22mph in old money from the south east. The trees in the garden are rocking. The dull, misty weather hasn't produced any new photographs which don't simply look badly out of focus. An hour and a half walk to a more distant sweep of forest. The loggers had been busy thinning beeches and cutting up the now muddy tracks. An almost total absence of birds today. I snapped away at the forest views but they all resemble each other and last year's. No ride today.

Friday 3rd 33F, +1C, breezy, heavy overcast, thick mist. A ride is necessary today so I may finally be allowed out by the tradesman's entrance. An hour's walk up the side of the hilly fields. I was using the cover of thick mist to collect enough mud on my boots to tastefully decorate the road outside almost any farm entrance. A few blackbirds tried to give away my presence but nobody was listening at that distance from what passes as civilization.

A 17 mile ride over lunchtime in thick mist. I had my Smart lights flashing brightly so that the illegally speeding motorists would have an example of what a real fog lamp looks like. I saw only two rear fog lamps lit up all day and several vehicles with no lights on at all! It is a legal requirement to show dipped headlights 24x365.24 in Denmark regardless of day or night.

A registered blind, senile, alcoholic, badly bald, drug addicted driver stared straight at me and then pulled out right in front of me! Later several drivers [with similar afflictions to the above] entered a one lane section against the oncoming traffic. A large excavator had been parked on the road for the weekend. Where heavy drainage and pipe laying is ongoing. These drivers had no right to proceed as the obstruction was only on their own side but still they insisted. Shouldn't they be in a retirement home? I blame the compulsory anti-depressants!  I could do with some myself after seeing how many idiots drive in such appalling conditions! The mist [and the drivers] were so thick they were obscuring the hedges from just across the road.


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