17 Feb 2017

16th February 2017. Adult literacy classes for itinerant, illiterate litterers?


Thursday 16th 39F, +4C, very heavy overcast and windy. The last of the run of frosts according to the forecasters. Today's news is that Vitamin D does you good. Tomorrow's is that it has no effect. The day after that is anybody's guess. More efficient than 'flu injections apparently. Depending on who you believe and the day of the week. Heads it works, tails it doesn't. When is false news not false news? When it's a Thursday?

Adult literacy classes for itinerant, illiterate litterers?

Nearly an hour and half walk up to the woods and along the tracks. I was curious to see why the tracks were churned up but found no obvious sign of forestry activity. Rooks foraged noisily on the fields. Spilling over onto the verges and roads at intervals. Until a middling sized, bird of prey alighted and had to be quickly seen off by the mob. The higher temperatures, of late, have melted the permafrost. Making the going on foot and trike decidedly squishy. It is amazing how a normally, rock hard, gravel drive can turn to liquid and bog me down. The resistance against progress is as bad as 6" of hard snow. It quickly turned to horrible weather for cycling. Thick mist and drizzle.

Friday 17th 38-41F, 3-5C, heavy overcast, very light winds with thick mist. There is nothing wrong with cycling in thick mist. Nor any other "difficult" conditions for that matter. It is having to share the roads with deluded psychopaths which provides the real danger. Familiarity breeds contempt for the rest of the human race. I walked an unusual route to try and capture misty scenes. It was incredibly quiet with the now-distant traffic hushed to absolute silence. I was getting rather warm on the slight rises so removed my hat and gloves. The Great tits were singing their see-saw, mating songs for the first time this year. The mist is thinning now so I'm being allowed out on the tricycle. It's a good job I'm running 25mm tyres or I might never make it out of the quaggy drive! I was leaving footprints in the normally rock hard surface as the permafrost turns the gravel to mush. Late morning ride returning heavily laden. Light crosswind aided 16-18mph going. Only 17 miles.

Saturday 18th 39F, +4C, heavy overcast, light winds. Just a walk to the village and back. Late afternoon ride for 7 miles.

Sunday 19th 39F, +4C, thick mist, incredibly heavy overcast with rain and wind. Nice!

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