6 Jun 2016

6th June 2016 Logistics' fuckwit driver on white mobile phone.


Monday 6th 65F, 19C, breezy from the east and south east. Promises to be sunny all day but slightly cooler than the last few days. The wind is moving more southerly but will still not bring any rain. No ill effects from yesterday's ride. I ought to go for an early walk before the temperature shoots up. Wearing shorts and sandals are a problem off-road. Even if I don't pick up an deer bugs my socks will be a magnet to prickly grasses and weeds. Nor do I enjoy the protection from the many nettles and brambles on my usual routes. The grass is often very wet where the sun hasn't yet reached.  Knee length gaiters and proper walking boots allow me much greater freedom to roam. All very obvious, of course, but walking the roads is not half as much fun as exploring the woods and field tracks.

I was able to take advantage of a raked track on the perimeter of a field to complete a loop. Earlier I watched a buzzard soaring above a low hill as the sheep and lambs eyed me menacingly. The warblers and skylarks continue to fill the air with their song. A solitary cat walked ahead of me down the usual track back to the road. Probably the black one with the piercing blue eyes.

At about 9.45am a white [Transit type] van belonging to Logistics nearly ran me down as the fuckwit driver used a large, white mobile phone. He never changed his course despite having hundreds of yards of clear sight of my steady progress towards him as I walked right on the edge of the verge.  Every car which had approached had given me a safe, wide birth, but not him. He was holding a conversation with Elvis [at the very least]  and these things do take priority over road safety. Particularly when  you are such a bleedin' thicko that you think you can drive and talk at the same time.

Had I not stepped onto the verge my blog would never have been completed. Not ever! There was no opposing traffic so he could not even claim that in his causing my death by dangerous driving. He would probably say I stepped out from behind a tree. Not there were any trees for me to hide behind but the police would never question his statement. Just another boring RTA. No police + Logistics' fuckwit drivers = no road crime. They even have themselves covered in the event that the victim is wearing an action camera. Not admissible in court and the victim would be prosecuted for filming in a public place had they been "lucky enough" to survive.  Nobody would ever put two and two together and make morning walker/bird watcher/photographer or tricyclist. They would just vaguely wonder why they never saw me out on the roads any more.

There was a gusty headwind as I rode uphill to the shops. Then I enjoyed an effortless ride through the forest. Where two suicidal car drivers tried to overtake me on a blind hump and almost caught an oncoming car head-on.  Fortunately that driver was driving unusually slowly. Perhaps enjoying the gorgeous scenery and dappled shade. Having reached the village and its shops two deranged psychopaths were driving the opposite way at 50 mph in a 30mph zone past the multiple supermarket car park entrances and the junior school.

I noticed they have put some large boulders along the lawn edge to the school playground. Probably to keep cars, which have completely lost control from being driven at deranged lunatic speeds, away from the children.

Strangely ominous cloud in a clear blue sky.

If they put up a couple of speed cameras, here, one facing each way, they could easily cut Danish income tax on the proceeds. Not that they ever would cut income tax of course. Except for their upper class, political back[pocket]ers and [very] close friends. How do the politic-ooze have such expertise on literally everything when they have never held down a proper job in their entire lives? It's odd that, isn't it?  It can only be a matter of time now before one of these deranged sociopaths take me out. And I am referring to drivers here, in case there was any doubt. No police + no speed cameras = no road crime.

I laughed the other day: A football came flying across the road from the school yard. With no traffic coming from either direction I stopped my trike and returned the ball. A neighbour was passing and stopped to say that a scootorist had stopped previously to pick up an escaped ball. Only to have ridden on with it!  Grand theft football? Where are the street cameras when you most need them?  ;-) I saw a chap with a puncture beside the lane but he seemed to be coping. Only 10 miles.

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