25 Jun 2016

25th June 2016 Burp!


Saturday 25th 65F, 18C, heavy overcast with light winds. Rain or showers forecast with a light garnish of thunder. After yesterday's heavy Brexit I'd better keep my head down. Probably between my knees is best to avoid unexpected nose bleeds. The Danish press talks of Britain waking up to a hangover.  With London and Scotland hoping to stay in the EU.

After Horsen's once in 500 years downpour the US has rallied with a once in a 1000 years downpour.  Friendly international competition has its place, but really? If this is what we can expect from AGW I'm definitely investing in a rubber dinghy and a life jacket. Next door had a speedboat lying in their back garden for years but took it with them when they finally 'downsized.' Which is a shame because it just means more expense in these difficult times.

The back fields used to flood every year but that was man-made too. Another neighbour complained to the council that they always needed waders to mow their back lawn. So the commune sent in their crack troupes. They arrived in a fleet of unmarked black vans, concealing balaclavas and uniforms without insignia. Armed to the teeth with weapons grade, motor strimmers they soon removed obstacles to the natural ebb and flow of the former open sewer.

Sadly, that swiftly put an end to any hope of starting a boat hire business! So we went back to sniffing burning furniture instead. At least that was how it was most days. You'd have thought they'd throw an ark together from all that free demolition waste wood but there's no accounting for personal taste.

The hedge took another pasting this morning despite the Head Gardener's stern disapproval over shape, height and general form. I just hope it doesn't lead to yet another international incident. I ma fairly sure that diplomatic relations would take a turn for the worse if I criticized her cooking.

Plans for a ride were curtailed by a sudden heavy shower. The forecast is upgraded to a Yellow Level violent weather warning. I just hope Denmark doesn't try to return the ball from the US' baseline! Not to worry, the new fleet of American fighter aircraft will save us form the worst if there is another deluge.  West Virginia-30 Horsens-15. The net buoys should be ready by now.

Langeland and Svendborg in SE Fyn has had violent weather with boats overturned, local flooding and damage to 20 houses from fierce gusts and cloudbursts. 30-30. Not that I'm a tennis fan. Or a fan of much else 'sporting' for that matter. The term is hideously abused and sporting it certainly is not! Most of it is just the redistribution of wealth in an upward direction.

Having studied the DMI's weather charts carefully I could see that most of the bad weather was sliding past Fyn to the west. So off I set into the finest of misty drizzle. It started raining properly at halfway while I was in the shops and kept it up for a while. The traffic was well behaved today and left me plenty of room to avoid wheel spray. Though the new cycle paths were flooded right across their width again. Forcing me to slow right down to avoid spraying myself or hitting obstacles hidden beneath the water.

The newer stretch of cycle path on the other side of the road seems better because they weren't quite so mean with the asphalt. The greater height, relative to the granite kerb stones, allows the water to run over the edges more easily. More asphalt may be laid at a later date to bring the level up along the earliest stretch. They have been quite busy laying the kerbs since I last rode that way. Which will add another couple of miles to the new cycle paths when the hardcore has been covered in new asphalt. It was a clever idea to use rough hewn, white granite to make the edges high visibility. The raised edges should also stop agricultural traffic from using the cycle path as they do routinely elsewhere. 15 miles.

Google blogspot is broken again. It refuses to update and shows a blank new post page again and again!

Sunday 26th 56F, 13C, heavy overcast, light winds. The forecast cloudbursts have been cancelled and we may see some sun today with odd showers. Gusting to 30mph, unfortunately, or it might have been a good day for a ride.

The aftershocks of the sharp Brexit continue to rumble. The real skurks in causing the vote to leave have yet to admit their sociopathic complicity. Nor deflate their colossal egos in their unnelected EU power cabal. They want Brixit be punished to avoid other countries demanding a referendum on Juncker's mass suicide cult.

What about the huge sums being wasted on white elephant projects and the drooling idiocy of routinely moving the entire, homeopathic EU parliament? All to satisfy some craving for limp national recognition? This alone requires heads publicly roll at the top. Soros is calling for a complete reorganization but it may be too little too late. I blame the banana fiasco as being the last straw in Juncker's hard push for the Dover clifftop. The ultimate double bluff? Deliberately make the EU unworkable so it collapses under its own weight for lack of public support? Does he have any other explanation for his peculiar behaviour? That's always the problem with predatory sociopaths. It's always the victim's fault. Give a small man a lot of power and they end up invading Poland.

A splendid day for a ride. With glorious sunshine and a sky full of snow banks of cumulus and a fresher feel but far too much wind for comfort. Not that I was complaining [for once] about cruising at 18-19pmh with 25mph seen regularly on the slightest decline. I saw a bunch of cyclists out training and passed them at 24mph going the opposite way.  The complaints started when I had to turn in to the wind to get home. Now i was seeing 14mph with occasional bouts of 7.5mph climbing into the wind.

I have been monitoring how I am adapting to much lower  mileages. It now seems as if I am wind [breathlessness] limited when climbing rather than pain limited by my legs. Not going badly at all really. Continuing to practice climbing out of the saddle. Amazing that I was only able to manage 2 seconds when I first tried. Now I can climb while standing on the pedals for hundreds of yards. Much like a few motorcyclists I saw today. I don't know how far they'd been but those broad saddles seem strangely uncomfortable. 23 miles.


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