21 Jun 2016

21st June 2016 Try not to inhale.


Tuesday 21st 60-70F, 60-21C, cloudy start and light winds. No ill effects from yesterday's hedge clipping and ladder work. It turned windy and bright later. Just a half hour walk to start the day. There seemed to be more buses than cars or lorries. Plenty of birdsong to keep me searching for the acrobatic little blighters. Wrote another long post about the past and decided it was far too off-topic for a cycling blog. Mid afternoon ride with quite a strong crosswind. Going quite well if a bit breathless on the hills. Superb sky full of mixed clouds. The picture is of Elder flowers decorating a tiny field copse. 15 miles.

Wednesday 22nd 59-70F, 15-21C, heavy overcast, light rain. It should clear up later. Which is more than I can say for the smoke from our neighbour's 24x365 burning and sawing of toxic demolition waste for water heating. My eyes are watering, I keep coughing and my nose has just exploded as the house reeks of smoke. I wonder if living in Beijing is really worse than this? Perhaps we should demand an air quality monitoring station? They have them on the sea bridges in Denmark to monitor passing ships. But not inland where it affects people directly. I wonder if we could get the council to buy our house as being unfit for human habitation? They have a cash pool for demolition of unhealthy houses. No walk and no ride today as I was press ganged into further destruction around the garden.

Thursday 23rd 71F, 22C, a warm and bright start. Rain later. I have an early appointment which can be easily reached by trike. At least I shall be able to escape the racket of chainsawing of yet more demolition waste from next door. The Danish news is discussing the problems for ex-pat Brits living here after referendum day. Loss of value to the pound will certainly affect British paid pensions and the like. Not to mention EU health coverage. Those of us who have lived away from Gravely Blighted for more than 15 years are not entitled to a vote in the referendum because we may have "gone native."

We shall just have to see what happens before we start swatting for the refugee entrance examination. I wonder whether The Red Cross are still doing food parcels? Early ride for 7 miles. The traffic seemed quite light. A huge heron was wandering about on the front lawn but spotted me at the window and flew off. We had to rescue one from our pond a year or two ago after it became caught in some leaf netting. I still carry the mental scars from its needle-sharp beak!

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