17 Feb 2016

17th February 2016 Y'all want coffee with that sugar?

Wednesday 17th 30F, -1C, white frost, windy, very cloudy. The forecast is for sunshine but the solar train is running a bit late this morning. This is an obscure reference to the short but rapid moments of sunshine between passing clouds. [In case you were curious.] It will feel bitterly cold in this wind! 20-25 mph gusts.

I was just reading a story on the BBC New website suggesting that some takeaway coffee drinks have 25 teaspoons of sugar equivalent in a single cup! If the EU taxed sugar they could build more hospitals to treat more people daft enough to be damaged by the genocidal, American takeaway chains. Just think, if America sent troops over to shoot every fat person in Europe there would be an outcry. So they don't. They mass execute by implanting the suggestion that stuffing your face with fat, toxins and sugar will make you happy. Then they plant their clearly marked WMDs on every high street. Y'all couldn't make it up!

Why invade Europe when you can kill by remote control? Why darken the skies by sending vast fleets of bombers or drones to cluster bomb the entire populace? When their massed IED's are clearly and deliberately aimed at any passing child or adult susceptible to the endless, bawling, deafening propaganda.

I am tempted to ask whether the megatons of cluster-bombed litter, dropped by the American global domination program, could harm our wildlife? Are wild animals equipped to soak up weapons-grade, sugar concentrations from the glutton's "baby bottle," pram throw-outs? Could our fuzzy, furry little creatures, with their cute, moist little eyes and damp noses, be wiped out by these terrifying, take-way toxins? Is this the real reason for many domestic pet's crippling obesity? Are they all bingeing on the universal, takeaway litter, now adorning every corner of nature and every verge?

I suppose the world's government statisticians have already worked out, to the nearest fraction of a penny, whether shortened pension payouts, through early death, is more costly than treating their country's gluttons in hospital.

Just imagine retiring from a lifetime turning up every day for "work" for one of these "fast crap" chains. Or "working" at any other sugar bomb weapons manufactures, for that matter. Then suddenly realise that at 65 [or whatever] you haven't done a single moment's useful work in your entire "working life."  Unless you call mass culling "a living," of course. Sadly, I am not remotely cynical enough to suggest that they are "merely" trying to improve the human IQ by "taking out" its weakest members. That would be too much like [say] kicking a person in a wheelchair. Besides, what would be the point of improving the population in general if they then chose a dunce, like Chump, for president?

My walk was in bright sunshine but with a cutting wind on my cheeks. The ground was hard frozen making the tractor tracks a bit lumpy to walk on. I glanced back along the track as I approached the woods to see a darkly dressed figure following me several hundred yards behind. This is a rare event indeed! I doubt I see more than a couple of  people per year on my usual routes and then only in vehicles. As soon as I entered the forest I turned sharp right and climbed a steeply sloping, marshy hill that lead to the exit through the beeches. It is easy to resent the presence of another person when total exclusivity and privacy are the norm.

Just in case you haven't had enough rants for today: The pampered, Danish, coalition politicooze has just scored another, typically right-wing, own goal. In their desperate dash to relax all environmental restrictions they are trying to let farmer's shit up the countryside without limit. Including industrialized toxic attacks on the banks of water courses against all scientific and expert advice. But guess what? If a farmer chooses not to shit up the countryside, to personal taste, they can demand compensation from the water boards running into many billions! Why? Simply for not putting toxic chemicals into the drinking/groundwater! Woohoo! Only in "pseudo-environ-mental-quack-quack" Denmark!

BTW: 1-in-10 Danish farmers is already insolvent and can never pay off their debts. They aren't shut down because the banks carrying their debts would follow suit soon after. Not to mention overloading the already depressed, rural housing market with yet more empty, former farmhouses. The politicooze set aside funds for demolition of derelict and abandoned and rural homes. Nobody was buying at "market prices" when all they had to do was wait for the forced auction. Then buy the same house for only a couple of thousand. There was talk of housing the millions of refugees in unsalable homes but then they started putting up tents in camps instead. That was only so that they could centrally heat them while they were empty! Only in Denmark!

Having exhausted myself at the keyboard it was only a short ride today. The temperature had soared to a balmy 36F, +2C. The problem was the headwind going out was viciously cold and the GripGrab gloves completely hopeless at keeping my aching fingers warm. They and I were fine on the way home though. So it's all about wind chill, a lack of insulation and wind-permeable linings. I saw an interesting one-wheeled bike trailer with a huge yellow bag. The 'Yak' and 'B.O.B.' seemed made for each other. I'd need one with a '700' wheel to get over the frozen lumps and bumps of farmer's mud. Or one with skids [or floats?] for when the permafrost melts. Only 7 miles. I'll be glad when the weather allows a decent ride and I can get off this keyboard!


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