15 Feb 2016

15th February 2016 Chilling out.

Monday 15th 30F, -1C, breezy, cold and grey. I walked a longer route through the forest than usual. A large deer dashed across my path and vanished into the trees. Moments later a large fox crossed the track, popped back out of the brush and stared hard at me for several long seconds before turning tail and rushing away over the brow. I had watched it though my binoculars and it was a fine specimen with a very thick winter coat. Crows were worrying a buzzard overhead. I walked back home along the road from my or distant exit with the cold wind picking up. The greyness did not inspire me to take a single photograph. The temperature and colour of the sky never changed all day despite DMI promises of later sunshine. No real need to go out so I pottered on a project in the garden instead. Another rest day.

Tuesday 16th 21-32F, -6-0C, clear skies? No wind? Must be a mistake! The DMI have forgotten to wind up their seaweed this morning. I have two goals for a ride but 10 miles in opposite directions from the trike shed. Perhaps I'd better take two chocolate bars? Just in case. Famous last words: I forgot the chocolate bars but found one in the saddle bag from a ride last week. Helped to stave off starvation and hunger knock. Fingers a bit cold at -6C cruising at 16mph.

Really enjoyed the hills around the place I was going to. They couldn't help but gave me a useful address where they had exactly what I needed. Great service all round and customer friendly. 26 miles with quads getting a bit sore on the last leg. [Well, it's true!]  Still frost on the grass in the shadows at lunchtime but warmer in the bright sunshine. Ice on the ponds and field floods with ducks and geese looking strangely tall as they dozed on the ice. Traffic non-existent at first but still quite light later on.


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