12 Feb 2016

12th February 2016 Very, very dark!

Friday 12th 30-36F, -1-2C, white overnight frost, calm with low, bright sunshine. I walked an unusual loop with fine views across the valley and out towards the sea. I could see over a dozen wind turbines, scattered at intervals across the landscape, and all standing still. The large pond/small lake was partially frozen but still well stocked with Mallard, Shelducks, Cormorants, black headed ducks and a solitary Grebe. Far too warm in my down jacket so I had to carry it over my arm most of the way. The council had been cutting the roadside hedges and leaving a terrible mess.

Left into bright sunshine after coffee for a goal 10 miles away. Very weird that my legs were back to normal after yesterday's aching and heaviness. Though my chest is still bunged up, making climbing a breathless affair. Cold, breezy and overcast on the way back. Saw a black and white polecat/ferret. It was moving between a pond and a hedge on rough ground. I thought it was a Magpie at first but then saw it had legs and was running. First live one I've seen after passing several road kills. Saw several birds of prey including one being harassed by crows. Gears much better today. Moving the cassette over, by removing the top gear sprocket, has worked wonders for chain clearance. 20 miles.

Saturday 13th 29F, -2C, light breeze, heavy cloud, light overnight snow. More snow showers possible. The week ahead will be up and down around zero. Thanks to the light winds it didn't feel cold on my walk. Most of the wind turbines were standing still again. I used the lightly frozen soil to walk the tractor tracks for a slightly different viewpoint. Four deer were grazing but had the wind behind them. They glanced up but decided against running away.

Left on the trike after morning coffee for a shopping trip. Going well again and keeping my revs up. The rearward position of the saddle feels strangely wider but I am still having to constantly remind myself push myself back. The odd thing is that my recent back problems seems to have cured my [cough] back problems on the trike. The longer handlebar extension feels nicely comfortable and I am resting my hands on the hoods rather than the bends. 20 miles.

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