28 Sep 2015

28th September 2015 Burp!

Monday 28th 55F-ish, 13-ishC, sunny and still. I was up half the night with food poisoning! What  a waste of a perfect cycling day! I missed most of it.

Tuesday 29th 42-60F, 6-16C, still, misty and promising. It seems rumours of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I couldn't keep even a sip of water down for 24 hours and slept, on and off, for most of them. Got up at 3am this morning feeling a bit better. Muesli at 5am with tea and [thankfully] felt no urge to reach for the bucket. Dozed in a chair for a couple of hours and here I am again just like the proverbial bad penny.

You know how you collect pretty pebbles at the beach and they look so boring when you get them home...  they just need to be damp and the magic comes right back again. But, sometimes, a pebble is just not enough.

Much as another fine autumn day beckons do not expect any personal bests today. Too weak to do much today so pottered in the pleasantly warm sunshine in the garden.

Wednesday 30th 40-60F, 4-16C, quite still, misty and promising to be bright. Another perfect day in cycling paradise. If only I were up to the task. A short ride taking it fairly easy at first. Only 9 miles. I felt fine by the time I was heading home again. So, that was September.


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