21 Sep 2015

21st September 2015 "I have a dream!"

Monday 21st 48-55F, 9-13C, a bright but cloudy start. The forecast text says rain this afternoon. The graphics shows rain from early this morning. One, or both of them, must be wrong. My walk involved a shortcut across the fields to avoid a tractor and sprayer directly on my path. Fortunately the wind was slightly west of its likely spray drift. It became overcast towards the end and remained that way for the rest of the morning but stayed dry until lunchtime. When it began to drizzle almost imperceptibly.

Copenhagen Council is going to try and train its 300,000 regular cyclists to behave themselves. Two thirds of commuters cycle with up to 45,000 cyclists passing daily along certain stretches in the Danish capital. They will be reminded with posters that they must dismount and push their bikes on pavements, must not cross red lights and to keep to the right. Many of the problems are caused by cycle paths being too narrow for the sheer volume of cycle traffic.

The greenhouse effect.. for those who can afford it.

It is openly admitted that much of this is due to motorized traffic having higher priority on road space. Don't expect any sympathy from the politic-ooze. They travel first class by air to attend their regular climate meetings with all [flexible] expenses paid.

Let's try this again: 2/3 of Copenhagen commutes take place on a cycle but cars still have priority? Cyclists are clearly the new black in Copenhagen.

"I have a dream! We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." [Except Danish cyclists apparently and (er-um) women?]

Did you know they did not add cycle paths to the bridges between Denmark's three main landmasses? Not to mention the bridge to Sweden. Are cyclists expected to use rubber rafts or pay coyotes to get them across?!!? Perhaps, we should be told? Are there razor wire fences being erected against cyclists as we speak? Since I live on Middle Earth will I need a passport to misbehave on my tricycle in Copenhagen's carmageddon?  It rained all afternoon. Yet another rest day.

Tuesday 22nd 54F, 12C, heavy cloud, the slightest breeze and damp. Rain is expected for most of the day. An hour and half walk under a grey, misty overcast with spitting rain. A solitary Grebe looked anxiously about on the lake. The swallows still rule the skies. The roads were all muddied up from farming activity.

The rain paused after 3pm so I took a chance on a short ride. It was spitting on and off and I had a free shower from a massive lorry. Only 7 miles.

Wednesday 23rd 53-60F, 12-15C, light winds, overcast. Promise of some sun but showers also possible. It stayed mostly dry. No walk but rode north with a tailwind under an overcast sky after lunch. Only 14 miles. Just passed 7000km for the year. It ought to have been miles! Lazy git!

Thursday 24th 53F, 12C, overcast and breezy. Showers possible as the wind picks up to over 25mph later. Windy with showers. Another rest day.

Friday 25th 53-58F, 12-14C, breezy, cloudy start clearing to sunshine and later showers. A pleasant walk up to the woods and back again. Saw a large deer and several birds of prey. Still lots of Skylarks on the bare fields having acrobatic "dog fights."

Mmm! McSlugbait.

Just a short ride. It started raining at half way and rained all the way home. Only 7 miles.

Saturday 26th 50F, 10C, bright, still and dewy. No walk but I enjoyed a ride in warm sunshine as the wind increased steadily. 22 miles.

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