18 Apr 2011

Roberts trike on eBay.

Yet another brightly coloured racing trike? Tasty! :-)

Racing Tricycle on eBay (end time 28-Apr-11 14:19:42 BST)

This item is a hand built Racing Tricycle.

It has been ridden only for for about ten miles! It is in superb condition!!!!!!

Colours are blue, yellow and red.

It was custom built by hand by Roberts Cycles in December 1998.
It cost £1500 when it was new.
Some details are as follows

The frame is constructed from Reynolds 531 Butted Tube.
Nominal dimensions are:-
Top tube 22 inches
Head 4.25 inches
Head to bottom bracket tube 24 inches
Seat tube 21 inches
Chain stay length 15 inches
Bottom bracket height above floor 9.5 inches
Wheel base 40 inches
Wheel track 25 inches

The head gear and chain wheels and gears are by Shimano.
The brakes and hubs are by Campagnolo.
The wheels are by Mavic.



This trike probably uses a Longstaff axle because I can't see any track nuts on the back wheels. A rear view image would help here but is absent. Enlargement of the images provided show the Longstaff, self-releasing, socket head screws and caps.

As usual, I am posting this here to record an interesting trike for posterity. As soon as eBay tires of showing the completed auction it will be lost to all but the owner. I have enlarged the original, auction images and sharpened them slightly.

The reserve is £450 but, in this case, you get a hell of a lot of trike for your money!

This trike eventually sold for £450 with only one person bidding. Congratulations. Nice trike! Now all it needs is some proper pedals.

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