1 Apr 2011

A Cyclon trike

eBay(UK) has an auction for a Cyclon trike by the famed Longstaff trike builders.

CYCLON TRICYCLE on eBay (end time 08-Apr-11 00:10:09 BST)

While it isn't a full blown racing machine it is still a real trike and could be used to have a lot of fun off-road. It has sufficient interest to the keen triker that I ought to cover it. Particularly as it has some decent pictures attached to the auction and is rather well equipped. The step-through frame offers equal advantages to lady or disabled riders alike. It also allows the machine to lean alarmingly before the top tube gets in the way of the riders legs. I can speak from personal experience of off-road triking to know there are real advantages to a low top tube.

This trike offers a suitable alternative to a disabled person looking for something far more lightweight than a typical disabled trike. Though there may be a reduction in stability. At least compared with the deliberately heavy, very low centre of gravity "handicapped" trike. Which tend to be overbuilt in cheap and heavy steel tubing to ensure stability at no extra cost to the manufacturer. This extra weight can make them rather unwieldy to manoeuvre while a frail rider is off the machine. Not so with the lighter Cyclon.

General view with lots of gears for all circumstances. Two powerful front brakes. For safe and easy stopping in all conditions without the need for a powerful grip.

Rugged tyres for serious off-road duties in all weathers. Or greatly increased comfort and safety on today's dreadfully potholed roads and badly maintained cycle paths. The rack would probably carry a bale of hay if pressed. Doubles as a lighting bracket for those commuting rat-runs home in the dark.

Lots of gears for those fierce supermarket ramps or rutted bridleways alike. You could probably climb a wall in bottom gear. If you really needed to. Without evidence to the contrary one must assume, very long life, very low maintenance, Longstaff style, journal bearings on the rear axles. Single sided drive is no real hindrance with the grip on offer offer from those chunky 25" x 2" knobbly tyres.

The seller states 19" frame size with 22" (virtual) top tube. Fully Adjustable handlebar stem allows any reach to be achieved to suit the rider. Saddle height adjustment would allow for considerable variation in rider height. From a teenager to an average adult.

The big rear-view mirror is a godsend in traffic to avoid endless neck wringing. I wouldn't be without one myself on any trike. Simply for the incredibly relaxed way one can monitor passing traffic approaching from the rear.

Forget misplaced elitist snobbery of pretend racing cyclists. A bicycle mirror is a real lifesaver on today's horribly overcrowded roads. These days lighweight mirrors come in all sizes at very affordable prices.

Try one and be amazed at the new and relaxed pleasure in cycling. Next time you see a pothole looming ahead you can check in an instant if it is safe to pull out a bit to clear it safely. Multiply this need a thousand times a week and you can feel much safer in traffic.

Small mirrors suit very near viewpoints. Say on on dropped racing or triathlon TT handlebars. Large mirrors are best for viewing from much further away.  More like a "sit up and beg" bike or trike. Like a mountain bike, roadster or Cyclon with straight bars.

This auction closed on £213. Not bad at all.

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