4 Apr 2011

853 Longstaff on eBay


A tasty rarity from the Master's own hand. One of the prettiest trikes I've seen. If it doesn't fetch a good price I'll eat my Thinsulate skull cap.

(no longer valid)George Longstaff tricycle trike Reynolds 853 on eBay (end time 10-Apr-11 20:17:20 BST) (no longer valid)

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 General view showing gorgeous plumage.

Aerial view? Surely not? Mind you, the height of the seat pillar suggests
a very tall seller. 

Longstaff head badge and Campag Record head bearings. Behind the forks, low air drag, brake fittings. Exclusive, GL initialled fork crown.

Does my bum look big in yellow?
No, of course not, Dear.

Front elevation? Did the photographer use a cherry picker?

Rear end. 10 speed 105 cassette. 2WD? No mention. If not, a Trykit 2WD will do the job nicely.

Frame detail showing the Reynolds 853 and Longstaff transfers. Superb quality, lugless fillet brazing for lightness and perfectly pretty paintwork. Modern braze-on fittings for all the latest gear. Choose you own groupset and impress the ladies at the bike club, no end. Mavic rims. 650C seems to be a modern trend on racing trikes.

As usual, my excuse defence for showing these auction images and text is because it will all disappear into the ether when eBay gets fed up with showing it. It is just possible that my readership will discover these trike auctions here and may even bid on them as a result. So mutual benefits all round. (we hope) :-)

Note: UK bidders only. Breaks yer 'art, dunnit? 

 Seller's sales text:

 Made by the late George Longstaff this was one of the last machines he made before he passed.

The bike has been set up to use but sits as new, no marks or chips to the pain work, anything I haven't picked up on will of been due to its awkward storage size.

The frame has a 54cm Top tube measured centre to centre and a 57cm seat tube measured top to seat pin to centre of bb, with a stand up height of 75cm from ground to top tube.

The bike comes with x3 Mavic CXP 650cc wheels, the front with a Campagnolo Veloce hub, all bar the rear right run perfect and true, also comes with a spare rear wheel which has a Mavic Open Pro rim which could be a replacement for the rear right if you couldn't be bothered or didn't know how to straighten it up.

The Front wheel has the skewer and the rear wheels have the bolts already attached to the rear stays.

There is also a brake with a lot of life left mounted on the front wheel and a Shimano 105 10 speed rear cassette at the back.

Push Seat post already inserted with seat pin, but is naturally scratched to bits having being pulled out to move the frame about 100 times.

This really is a rare and wonderful opportunity, these are the best possible trike frames on the market and brand new these retailed at £2,000+, the only other one of these I can see on Ebay or online at all is absolutely battered, looks like it may fall to pieces at any second but is still going for £750, so i feel i need to put a reserve on it. Another massive difference about this frame is its set up for a modern day groupset, which the majority of others dont seem to even make it past 7 speed.

The only real down side to this auction is the postage, it's going to be dramatically high as it can't go through the likes of royal mail due to the width, I would much prefer someone to pick this up, but for £40 we can box the frame and wheels separately and get the item sent out safely.

The headset is a Campagnolo Record set up for a drop in Stem

Also after closer inspection there is a scratch here or there meaning its been on the road more then I thought, there is no mark that stands out but there are small chips scratches etc that needs mentioning.

Well, this is very  odd. It closed at only £155 reserve not met. I thought there'd be very strong competition for it. Rough old trikes have fetched far more than that.

Re-listed with 6 bids to £245 and no reserve? They must have realised their reserve was unreachable. (Apparently it was the description which was at fault)

My Thinsulate hat is safe after all. :-)

George Longstaff tricycle trike Reynolds 853 on eBay (end time 14-Apr-11 20:13:11 BST)

6 more, nail-biting days.

It closed on £465! 

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  1. I don't know tricycles from unicorns, but that is one ugly bike ... er ... trike, that is.

  2. Hi Gunnar

    Too gaudy for you? :-)

    I wouldn't mind owning it!

    I can wear darker sunglasses if it's too bright. ;-)