23 Mar 2010

Longstaff Trike

The third known (upright) delta tricyclist in Denmark proved to be a hospitable gentleman despite my turning up completely out of the blue. I was even allowed to photograph his very beautiful Longstaff in failing light as yet more rain threatened. I won't embarrass the gentleman by mentioning his name.

I wish some of the following images were a little sharper to do better justice to this wonderful  machine:

This trike is fitted with the later, Longstaff, two wheel drive mechanism which accepts Shimano cassettes. The frameset is fitted with every possible braze-on fitting for the most demanding tricycle tourist. Light brackets, dynamo brackets, cable stops, hidden internal wiring and bottle cages. The list is endless and the detail and paint job absolutely superb. The lugs are beautifully lined out. Mavic Open Pro rims are nicely understated to match the quality of the trike.

This is handmade cycle manufacture raised to a high art form. Truly mouthwatering stuff. It even has a leather, Brooks "Champion Special" saddle with hand beaten copper rivets. So it really is the perfect trike. Apparently it manages the cycle paths of a large city as well as it enjoys the Danish rural lanes. Both are usually delightfully devoid of motorised traffic.  

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