18 Mar 2010


I saw this machine years ago on a visit to Bath. Out came the OM1 and I snapped away until the film was finished. The owner came out of a guitar/musical instrument shop and sped away at incredible speed. But, before he left I managed to ask him of he felt vulnerable in traffic. It seemed not. Fearless is a good term for those who use the public roads with one of these. You'd have to be pretty fearless to use the skin of a rare breed of cat as a comfortable rest for your behind.

I think I prefer something rather taller to avoid too many close-up views of the wrong end of too many exhaust pipes. A dreadful machine to to ride slowly in town. People would think you were a tired, old exhibitionist! In the lanes, with high hedges, which I frequent on a daily basis, it would be a disaster waiting to happen. A hedgehog would have a better chance of survival!

These are straight scans from the original prints so I may be able to squeeze a bit more contrast out of them when I get round to it. If this text disappears one day you can be certain that I have. (or failed miserably)

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