20 Nov 2017

20th November 2017 More mink gull nonsense.

Monday 20th 33-40F, 1-4C, calm, light frost on the grass and sunny. The Danish news website was discussing road rage. It seems that cyclists are more likely to want a fight. While drivers are apt to give a rude gesture. Perhaps I'd better sign up for a martial arts class! They say it is never too late.

Two Whooper swans flew noisily overhead as I headed to the village. At the same moment a huge, DSV, articulated lorry came around the first blind bend completely on the wrong side of the road! I jumped onto the verge as he snaked back onto the correct side with another wild 'twitch' further along the straight.

Later I scattered a clutch of small, buff, field birds [Grey Partridges?]  and then had some fun with the mink gulls. They are always reliable scaredy cats even from 200 yards away. All it takes is a rumour for them all to take off into a spin. Plenty of Fieldfares and Redwings about at the moment. Some flocks must be well over 200 and an exciting sight as they move between the trees. Lots of pheasants too.

I was allowed out for a ride to the village. Quite cool despite a lack of wind. Only 7 miles. No ill effects from yesterday's ride. Going well without obvious fatigue.

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