1 Nov 2017

1st November 2017 Butt ugly does as only butt-uggly can?

Wednesday 1st 52F, 11C, mild, grey, misty and wet. Just a short walk in fine drizzle while trying to avoid the road spray from cars and lorries.

Another of those butt-ugly, cowardly terrorists has tried to boost his failed manhood by running down innocent cyclists, on a cycle path, in Manhattan, New York. I suppose all terrorists, abusers and other criminals are cowardly, infant school bullies who never grew up. Every new mug shot seems to get uglier than the last. If that now-infamous film producer had cast himself as an alien slug, people would have run screaming from the cinema because it was too, hideously real!  

Thursday 2nd 48F, 9C, bright sunshine with a cool wind. Walked to the village and back under a cloudless sky in light traffic. It steadily clouded over all morning and then began to drizzle mid-afternoon. No ride today.

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