25 Sep 2017

25th September 2017 Surely not?

Monday 25th 55F, 13C, grey and windy.

Latest Danish headlines: Denmark's 5th, coal-fired battleship was built by North Korean, forced labour! That would be like suggesting that Hitler used forced labour to build the Ark Royal. This is just so wrong, on so many levels, I really don't know where to start. So I'd better not. 😇

The second story was about whether the AGW-Free, Danish coalition government would have an excuse to rip up all the windmills in Denmark. This was after three hours of dead calm stalled every single wind turbine in Denmark. A new record and ABSOLUTE PROOF of a LACK OF global warming.

Just think, if they'd allowed a large fleet of electric cars to exist in Denmark, by now, the unexpected lull could have been safely overcome by storage. The car's batteries could have fed back to all the Danish architect-designed toasters, architect-designed espresso coffee machines and iPlods if anyone had actually thought it through in advance.

Instead of which they all threw themselves on the ground and wailed about the crippling lack of wind power undermining Danish standards of living. And being thrown back into the Dark Ages of Benign Socialism and unfair equality.

Talking of storm tossed seas...

I bet the "powers that be" are already plotting another [Danish architect designed] coal-fired power station. To be run on North Korean coal, shoveled into the boilers by forced labour from North Korea! Surely not?

Methinks it is time for another walk amongst the morning, dodgem cars. Four drivers tried but failed to fell me. I walked a familiar route which I ration for myself to avoid over-familiarity. Well away from any roads it is a rare, unspoilt, rural, public footpath.

It finally descends very steeply to the outskirts of a village with pretty trees and well kept gardens. There I joined a quiet lane to walk back to the main road and the usual mayhem. When I glanced across to "my" usual dark woods, I saw a stag standing rigidly to attention. It was right out in the middle of the still half-ploughed prairie posing like a statue. Elsewhere, tractors toiled tirelessly on the steeply sloping fields. Probably aiming to wrench the most crops out of the badly undulating landscape to fulfill the demands of the EU dictatorship.

I'm hoping to be allowed out later if GLS can manage to deliver my parcel, only 10 miles in three days, to the pickup point. This, after waiting for weeks for the online dealer to get their act in gear. Throughout which extended time, it has clung grimly to its completely and utterly fraudulent, "2-5 days delivery" on its website. That's the problem with having no consumer protection in Denmark.. Late morning ride to the shops to be ripped off. Parcel safely collected. 7 miles.

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