2 Aug 2017

2nd August 2017 Losing my image?


Tuesday 2nd, 60F, 16C, bright and calm again. Quickly became cloudy and breezy. The grass was very damp on my walk while safely avoiding traffic. My deaf, left ear is making listening for traffic on the blind bends insecure. I really shall have to see what can be done short of carrying an [ear] trumpet on my walks.

Can you just imagine me with an ear trumpet and the action cam parrot on my hat? I shall begin to look like a mobile, one-man-band busker on his way between rural gigs! I haven't yet decided whether this would actually be an upgrade from local, rural tramp. A role to which I have become accustomed and my performances well reviewed. I might lose my loyal public sympathy if I suddenly changed my image. Like Dylan going electric pop instead of spokesperson for a new generation already tired of profitable wars.

My public would have to learn to place coins in my stationary begging bowl. Instead of throwing them at me as they passed in their cars. Begging is now heavily outlawed in Denmark especially for evil alien invaders "incomers" like myself.

In previous years, convoys of Eastern Europeans would be bussed in, to sit outside Danish supermarkets playing a single chord or 2 note 'riff.' They thus avoided being tainted with the same 6" tar brush as "beggars" but became instead "buskers." So, you can see how careful I have to be about changing my image.

A foot across, looks like a polystyrene ball but weighs as much as a turnip. The giant puffball. Calvatia gigantea.

I was allowed out to stock up on shopping. Only 7 miles with a busy crosswind. No bags 'R' Us..

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  1. Chris,

    Love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Andrew

    Many thanks for the kind message of support.
    Much appreciated.