14 Nov 2016

14th November 2016 Even lower than box shifters!

Monday 14th 31F, 0C, the early calm and potential brightness will be replaced with wind and all day and night rain. The wind has turned to the south west. So now we get secondhand weather from the UK. An early ride and walk is indicated.

I started with a 3 mile walk around the rural 'block.' The sky was clear when I left but a wall to wall plate of grey cloud slid over. Fortunately it went north of us with only thinner cloud obscuring the brilliant sun at times. I saw a single Redwing calling from a tree. It did not seem worried that I walked right under its tree. They are normally quite nervous when moving in flocks. It is definitely becoming more cloudy now at 11am. I had better get out on my trike before the weather goes bad.

Summit plateau

Don't you just hate it when an online conman hooks your order by setting the [slightest] lowest price than the rest on a price comparison website? The fancy website is loaded with pretty images from the manufacturers to give the impression that their vast warehouse is loaded to the rafters and peopled by hundreds of joyful, elfin pickers. Instead of which the con men waits until a mug is hooked and places an order with him. Only then does the con man order the item from the wholesaler. Thereby adding several days to the delivery time.

Meanwhile, the honest trader, with stock, who could have supplied the item[s] by return of post, loses the order to the conman. Many honest, online traders can and do deliver next day, these days. Having been apprised of the lack of stock and the additional waiting time I do have the option of cancelling and placing my order elsewhere. But will the next website be just another posh website con man? Or an honest trader with stock and a fast turnaround? Should I take the chance and add further delays before I receive my items?

Why is it not illegal to take orders for non-stock items without the buyer being warned at the time of ordering? Why is a website not required to display running stock levels by law? With zero stock shown for everything listed but not actually in stock. Or, at the very least, the expected date of arrival of already pre-ordered goods. So the potential customer can then decide if the slightly lower price is really worth the extended wait.

The Telephoto view converts the 1,000 yard, corrugated field into a quarry.

Having lost several days already I shall probably wait. But, of course, give the con man the lowest possible independent review score and a highly negative written report. All in the hope that others, like me, are not conned into placing an order with a smart website conman by going for the lowest price with free delivery. [Amounting to only a few pounds/dollars equivalent in a several hundred pound order.]
Late morning ride to the shops. On a 28mph descent on a perfectly straight hill, with double white lines, a black van driver thought it would be amusing to cross [illegally] into my lane. Had a driver sped over the brow of the hill behind me there would have been a head on collision. But moronic van drivers never think about consequences, do they?  I disturbed a male Kestrel on a village street light and it went of like a rocket. Several buzzards were wandering about over the fields or holding down trees. I returned heavily laden, under grey skies and a building headwind. 14 miles. It started raining as I enjoyed a late lunch.

Tuesday 15th, 42F, 5C, breezy, 200 yard mist with a heavy overcast. The overnight rain might peter out. While the temperature may reach 10C or 50F! Albeit with 25mph gusts again. It was  slightly too cold for bare hands on my walk due to the constant wind and fine drizzle. Just as I reach the woods it began to roar in the tree tops and whistle in the hedges. A forlorn excavator guarded the criss-cross of trenches it had drug to improve the field drainage.

I am going back to the hospital to have my follow up consultation for the deer bug, borrelia blood test and examination. As a regular walker and cyclist in deer country, with a high incidence of bugs, I am rather prone to picking them up. Our cat used to come back with the bugs attached to his back all the time, when he was still alive. The expensive drops we used to apply were a poor to worthless deterrent despite claims to the contrary. 25 minutes to find a parking space then a couple minutes with the doctor. Where I was given the all clear. So I shan't have to sell my belongings after all. It's odd the things that go though one's noddle when a potential health problem hangs over one's head. Rest day.

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