3 Oct 2016

3rd October 2016 As if seen through green coloured spectacles.


Monday 3rd Heavy overcast, heavy rain and strong winds. It is supposed to clear up later. It did but it took until 5pm before we saw any sun. No pressure to go out and I was busy. Another rest day.

Tuesday 4th 45-54F, 7C, cool, clear and promising to be full sun all day. Downside is the wind gusting to 25mph and a top temperature of 14C, 57F. I walked my usual loop but skirting the woods. It was only just tolerable to have bare hands into the headwind as I crossed the prairie. The recent rain had made the soil extremely sticky. I was soon making a poor impression of  Frankenstein's monster or a deep sea diver out of water.

The world had suddenly turned green again under the fresh, sharp graze of a low, blinding sun. I saw several deer and birds of prey. Aggressive crows and rooks chased each other out of their territory and then returned to foraging amongst the already shoulder high, grass-like crops. The torrential rain had done its damage on one lately sewn field. The incline had allowed ruts to form to carry watery mud straight over the verge and down onto the road. There were clear signs of a brush-mounted tractor having been along to push the dirt off the road on a sharp, blind corner.

Elsewhere once could see the good sense in sewing a new crop straight after harvesting. Or leaving the stubble to retain the fragile soil on the endless corrugations of the Danish landscape. More rain fell on Sunday than in a normal October with over 50mm or 2" in places. One begins to understand why so much time and money is being spent in building emergency run-off ponds. Ducks have already moved in on suitable examples and it has added delightful points of interest where previously there were only blank fields of overgrown waste ground on industrial estates.

They have even added suitable cover plants and trees to avoid the usual sterile concrete tank look. Using pond liners and covering them in soil ensures natural wildlife is rapidly established. They have large overflows to carry away excess water in emergencies while still retaining enough to be useful. Not doubt their ability to hold accessible water reserves for firefighters has also been carefully considered. This saves having to send water tankers to tackle fires in the absence of hydrants.

A gorgeous day for a ride except for the rather chill wind. First day with cycling cardigan and proper gloves. Swiftly removed as I warmed up. As was the GripGrab cap. 17 miles.

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