13 Oct 2016

11th October 2016 Bit of a damp squib.


Tuesday 11th, 45F, 7C, cool, windy and dark grey overcast. Walked up to the woods and back via the marsh.  Saw a young deer from the woods and a pair of all black birds of prey. They were sitting immobile out on the huge field but took off and went away from me over the treetops. Never nearer than a few hundred yards, I couldn't identify any particular details through my binoculars. I kept wanting them to be carrion crows but their size and long tapered wings made them into something else.

It turned wet after I had finished my morning chores. Another rest day, collecting and splitting logs from the timber yard. We had been using compressed wood briquettes for several years but find they are far too variable in burning quality. Some types are so bad they could actually be used to put out fires! One can never prejudge the quality from the packaging. The same supermarkets could have identical stock on the same pallet and some blocks burn well and others don't.  

Wednesday 12th 40F, 4C. Calm but with heavy cloud racing across from the NE. The forecast is breezy with showers and sunny periods. My chest is  bunged up again. Short walk but otherwise a busy rest day at home.

Thursday 13th 46F, 8C, heavy overcast, windy. Showers expected. My tinnitus is back after a lull of a week or two. I think my left ear gets bored with not being able to hear. So it makes "deafening" whistles of its own to amuse itself. Not only does it make me even more deaf but I can't concentrate with the screaming racket going on inside my head.

I walked up to the woods into steady rain. Then cut through to my exit at the top of the hill. The forest was looking colourful as autumn colours take a firmer hold. Remaining stubble on the fields gave me an alternative route back home. A bit soggy but I returned unscathed. Though I did disturb a small deer which ran flat out right across the field and into the woods. A Red kite was circling over the continuing drainage works on one of the undulating prairies. I hope my pictures do justice to the woods despite the heavy overcast. Fierce gusts in the afternoon when I had promised myself a ride. Rest day, busy outside.

Friday 14th 46F, 8C, heavy overcast and already windy. Dry, but could gust to 40mph this afternoon. Just a half hour walk down  to the village. Magpies squabbling, gulls wandering aimlessly, blackbirds scrapping, sparrows doing what sparrows do. A Red kite left a field pond as I passed by on the road.

Ancient [erratic?] boulder on a slightly less ancient, church hump. An ideal sacrificial altar for the medieval Green Party?

Late morning ride with gusty cross gales. Slightly beneficial going. Definitely impeding on my return. Complete waste of time visiting the DIY chain superstore. Three common items on my shopping list but I left empty handed. Grey skies until after my return but even windier now. 14 miles.

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