1 May 2016

1st May 2016 Give me sunshine, tra-la!


Sunday 1st 33-53F, 1-12C, dead calm, white overnight frost with bright sunshine. The very tips of the pendulous birches are just beginning to swing a tiny fraction of an inch. This may be just a draft from the Wood pigeons wings who are nesting in one of our hedges. There seem to be more Wood pigeons than sparrows at the moment! One in every view. The forecast is for 13C [55F] with sunshine and fairly light winds. I wonder if I'm allowed out on the trike? I was sent shopping in Odense last Sunday so there is hopefully some leverage there! ;-) Apparently not. A feast of sunshine and a famine of miles. [Again!] The entire day was spent in the garden on one of my other "butterfly" activities.

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