22 Dec 2015

22nd December 2015 Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers!

Tuesday 22nd 44-46F, 7-8C, overcast, leading to rain mid-morning with a good dollop of wind to add to the misery. It is supposed to clear up again this afternoon but I shan't be holding my breath. Rain on. Rain off. Blowing a gale too! Briefly tidied the shed in search of a chainstay cable stop. The drive was so soggy that I needed floats on the recycling bin. Null points all round.

Wednesday 23rd 48-50F, 9-10C, windy, rather overcast with weak sunny periods. Did my usual walk up through the woods and back via the road. I disturbed a couple of Buzzards in a field hedge tree. They climbed rapidly together and went off into the wind.

It was spitting with rain and the wind roaring in the trees as I set off on the Higgins in the late morning. Fortunately it was mostly a crosswind. A slightly helpful one going but more of a hindrance on the way back. Every time a vehicle passed I had to steady the Higgins trike to stay on course. Most vehicles have a wind shadow and the larger ones a serious bow wave to boot. The forces can be quite surprising if one its not expecting it. The vicious gusts increased all the while I was out. Even knocking over some display stands outside a supermarket and scattering goods across the car park. Only 15 miles.

Young man killed by inattentive cyborg! A young man died instantly while walking home with his family Christmas tree aided by his father. The cyborg was supposed to be driving a car but was reported to have become inattentive after it had a mobile [sic] phone surgically welded to its "person." There was no mention if the cyborg was damaged in "the accident". Denmark is heavily populated with cyborgs. I see them driving everywhere I go.

Thursday 24th 42-44F, 6-7C, windy, clear overnight, then clouded over but supposed to be a little sunshine this morning. 30mph gusts again later. Remaining rather cool and grey so far. Just an hour's walk today. Intending to go out on the Higgins after coffee. Nine days and still no sign of the Wiggle package I need to get the Trykit roadworthy again. No post today or tomorrow and even Saturday is an official holiday. [Anden Juledag = Second Christmas day or Boxing Day] Which is followed by Sunday...

Cool, windy with occasional weak sunshine on my ride. A clockwise loop between several village supermarkets. Lots of birds of prey about today. Lanes quiet, main roads busy. 21 miles.

Friday 25th 42F, 6C, windy, but promise of some sunshine. The sky is clear at 8.0 am. It was a sunny day but perishing in the wind.

Saturday 26th 44F, 7C, overcast, continuous rain forecast for the whole day but with light winds. Very, very wet! Puddles were appearing on the lawn and the drive was like a stream.

Sunday 27th 50F, 10C, windy and overcast. The Danish fire brigade has been ferrying pumps around the country to fight floods from yesterday's heavy rain. It is suppose to rain all morning then clear later.There was a glimpse of sunshine after lunch but I haven't seen so much flooding in the fields before now. Just a short loop mid afternoon for 10 miles. Only 5 miles short of 6000 for the year if my maths is correct.

Whoops! I shall have to find time to go through my annual mileage figures to find any errors. The month's totals just don't add up to the year's. In fact I had made several mistakes in the running, annual mileage column. The week and monthly totals should have matched the annual figures but didn't.

I usually do the mileage page after I have finished writing the day's post. I often do the blog when I am tired but the day's events [or thoughts] are still fresh. If I leave it I shall have forgotten everything by the morning. It seems I am several hundred miles out on the annual total and have had to amend almost every single figure in the total mileage column. I am now working through the kilometer totals. The upside is that I gained 100 miles but lost rather a lot more. It is ironic that I am absolutely hopeless at simple addition but used to write maths and trig based optical design software for a hobby.

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