19 Dec 2015

19th December 2015 Do you want grey, grey or grey with that?

Saturday 19th 48-49F, 9C, breezy with a heavy overcast. The mild and misty weather continues with similar day and night temperatures. No walk today due to the wrong kind of rain.

Have you noticed the latest influx of food products from China? Even organic produce now! Why would anyone buy anything from the most corrupt and polluted country on the planet? A shiny organic grower's license is only ever as far away as the nearest crooked communist mafia party member and good ol' Roundup salesman. (spit)

The mess on a favourite track in the woods after the forestry workers left. The climb used to be a series of steps covered in wild plants and flowers.

How do we know they aren't using forced labour slaves in Chinese agriculture? What about the vast cost, in CO2, of sending such easily home-grown products right around the world? Those damned Danish supermarkets again! They'd sell  anything if there was the slightest increased margin in it. Non-EU production written in sub-microscopic text placed on an area of the bag which is impossible to read without a scanning electron microscope! Stick it where the sun don't shine! [Due to deliberate pollution for communist mafia offshore profit!]

I am getting a few bits of spam disguised as comments recently. Should I be flattered or put it down to their sheer bad luck? After 50 years of being fed watery TV diarrhoea, aimed specifically at single cell amoeba, I already detest advertising of any kind. Having it thrust down one's throat by some criminal cheapskate only adds to the pleasure when I hit the Spam button to delete their unexpurgated crap. If the button could simultaneously apply a severe shock via electrodes attached to their nether regions I'd be even more content. Perhaps that should be the latest Internet trend? Go on Farcecook to get a local to wallpaper the spammer's windows with the real truth behind their advertising "campaign."

Imagine standing at the "pearly gates" and admitting you were a spammer, worked for an advertising agency, were a modern [piss] artist or an investment banker. I wonder whether your chances of a free pass would increase if you were standing behind Assad, Kim or Putin? Are you feeling lucky punk?

Very rare and collectable! Barn find, only one owner and she only used it to go to church on Sundays. Tires may need pumping and chain may need some oil but otherwise ready to ride.

Late morning ride under leaden skies and a strong headwind for 15 miles. I'm getting quite used to the Higgins again. I lost my [yellow lens] cycling glasses [again] yesterday.  I'm not sure which is worse.. having to queue and ask some pre-pubescent infant at the checkout in pidgin Janteloven. Or finding them in a pocket I didn't remember having in the latest sports bag. So that's where my new rear light went! Whoopee! ;o))

Sunday 20th 49-50F, 9-10C, breezy, overcast. It is 08.30 CET and still struggling to get light. The sky is covered in dense, small clouds all squashed together. Leaving only a little room for blue. The mild but cloudy weather continues. The eastern horizon is suffused with pinky-red. Not a good sign according to the seaweed fondling cult and my weather station. Winds will [allegedly] be gusting to 25mph all day from the SW on a 15mph base. Kite-powered triking to the north east has some [one way] potential but certainly not on busy roads. Stowing the kite for the [long] ride back doesn't sound like nearly so much fun! Where will we go today? For a walk up to the woods first. No sign of the promised sunshine. Judging from the sound of gunfire, coming from all directions, the "weekend warriors" were having a nice game of cowboys and victims.

Rode a hilly, late morning, rural loop for 19 miles. Mixture of cloud and watery sunshine. Strong and gusty headwind coming home. I miss the gear change of the Chorus levers with micro-adjustment on the front changer and jumping over multiple sprockets with a single lever sweep on the rear.


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