30 Oct 2015

30th October 2015 Lies, damned lies and supermarkets!

Friday 30th 42F, 6C, still, becoming slightly misty, with variable cloud. The forecast is a grey but quiet day reaching 10C, 50F later. A ride is indicated if I'm allowed out.

The view from the cockpit with Sigma BC16 Cadence instrument panel, comfy arm rests and twin, Profile Design "joy" sticks and Campagnolo Chorus Ergo 11 speed levers. The vital, Lezyne Cyclop rear view mirror is on the lower left bar-end. With enough outward extension to be easily checked while riding on the hoods.

Rode to FĂ„borg and beyond by the coast road and looped back inland. Lots of big, long hills but I was going quite well. The beech woods were spectacular. I saw several large deer looking back at me from fire breaks. A rather cool and melancholy day under grey skies.

I turned back having reached my goal at 28 miles and consumed my mature Cheddar sandwich, banana and apple juice. The lanes were remarkably quiet all day.

Somebody should tell him his chains need oiling!

Passed a cyclist with an S-works carbon bike and deep carbon rims mending a puncture. I stopped to see if all was well but he studiously ignored me as I sat watching him thrashing away with his micro-pump. Perhaps he was simply miffed for having a puncture? It would have been churlish to mention Durano at such fraught times. 59 miles.

Saturday 31st 45F, 7C, grey and slightly misty with a breeze in the trees. In just the right direction to ensure the neighbour's choking smoke fills the house and garden. We are surround in gunfire from the weekend warriors putting down the pheasant uprising. A cross headwind going. The supermarket had no stock of the special offer butter. Just like last time and all the times before that. Lies, damned lies and Netto's special offers. It has brightened up now I am back home. It is hardly worth mentioning but I have just passed 8000km for the year. 16 miles.

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