31 Aug 2015

31st August 2015 60mph is the new 60kph.

Monday 31st 60F, 16C, breezy and overcast. Cloudy forecast with showers possible. The wind, very unusually, from the NW. It was grey, dull and spitting as I left for my walk. I almost turned back but decided to press on. The newly shorn fields offered new routes and new views.

Two hares were sitting together out in the middle of a near naked prairie.  Only when I drew nearer and scared off a hunting cat did the hares take flight. I'd put my money on the cat having traveled faster over the first 400 yards. I have seen the same, small black cat before and it travels miles on its daily tours around the huge fields. The rain increased steadily throughout my meandering. Timing it perfectly for my safe return without my actually getting wet.

Just a damp afternoon ride to the shops. Rained while I shopped but went off again. I managed to find another inner tube. Even the co-op had narrower inner tubes. So  it is down to local branches what they stock. I didn't notice the Cambium saddle today. It ought to be raised a smidgen to match the shallower rails compared with the leather B17. I felt as if I were pedaling a kid's trike my knees were so bent. An illusion, of course, because the difference in height can't be more than millimeter or two. Only 15 miles. And that, was another August completed.


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