30 Jun 2015

29th June 2015 One man's warmth is another's....

Monday 29th 60-70F, 16-20C, grey start clearing to bright sunshine. Short walk as it became rapidly warmer. Watched the coots for a while.

Left after lunch into a gusty crosswind to shop. Pleasantly warm but rather spoilt by the strength of the wind. 14 miles.

Tuesday 30th 60-70F, 16-20C. Grey start but clearing rapidly. Walked for an hour and a half in bright sunshine. Met two large dogs on the track, which seemed to have missed breakfast, though I escaped unscathed.

Left before lunch to practice hill climbing around HÃ¥strup and Radby overlooking the distant sea. Lots of birds of prey [and gulls] soaring. Came back by another, hilly way for 34 miles total. June seems to have flown by. Disappointing weather until the last few days.

I have been suffering from a creaking crank. I tried un-clipping each foot in turn and pedalling with one foot to discover which was the offender. Removing the left showed slight rust and a polish on the flats. I smeared some LMP grease on the axle and re-tightened. We shall see if I have cured the irritating noise. Opinions differ whether square-axle cranks should be lubricated. Pedals threads should be greased to allow later removal if needed. The self-extracting crank bolts/screw caps are a huge improvement over crank extractors. The same goes for socket-head screws. I just wish the cycle industry would embrace stainless steel fasteners. You pay for a posh handlebar extension and the socket heads screws quickly go rusty. The same happens to the screws on brakes.

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