25 Dec 2014

Christmas message


If you really want to see why trike riders are addicted to their strange sport then watch this video from 2.03 to 2.09.  Six seconds, which nicely sum up all you need to know about thoroughly enjoying a trike.

Happy Christmas and/or seasons greetings to all my visitors, readers and followers. I hope you found something of amusement here in my endless monologues, silly rants and photography.

Be kind to yourself and others. Share a smile when you can. You have no idea how  much the other person might desperately need one. And if your smile is rejected then the fault lies elsewhere.

Above all, let's be careful out there! Bright clothing and decent lights will prolong your life out on the busy roads. Try charity shops for cycling clothing. You may get lucky, as I did over time and the search adds new goals for your next ride. All my winter cycling jackets are still from that source. They all get washed to death but continue to keep me warm and mostly dry.

If you need wider cycling shoes then look for Northwave rather than Shimano. MTB SPD pedals and MTB shoes are great for cycling and walking. Road shoes are a real pain if you have to walk anywhere. So why bother crippling yourself just to be "fashionable"???

Remember to ALWAYS ALWAYS lock your trike [or bike] to something solid with a really decent lock. A cable lock may be light and convenient but can be easily cut in seconds with a junior hacksaw or cheapo pair of pliers. Many quite expensive locks are made of untreated mild steel. The Abus U-lock is hardened and will not collapse like butter with an attack by a pair of bolt-cutters.

Insure your machine against theft. Many insurers will add a trike, or bike, to your household insurance for a small extra charge. Make sure you are covered with a new-for-old policy on your machine. They will probably demand that a decent lock is used. Usually to a particular industry standard to match the replacement cost of the machine. "Just popping into the shop or indoors" is a flashing neon lit invitation to any bike thief if it is unlocked. Losing a machine is abject misery. So don't put yourself through it! Lock your machine whenever it is not being ridden. Even if it is parked in the shed or entrance hall.

GPS trackers for bikes and trikes are still rare since they consume a lot of battery power. Denmark has the Diims system which uses Post Office vans as mobile, local receivers. Since they go almost everywhere, every day, the chances are quite good that they will pick up your machine's transmitter. Once they leave the border on a professional East European bike thief's lorry your luck is probably out! So use a decent U-lock and they might pass your own machine by as they pick and choose from the best machines on offer. Do not expect the public to keep an eye out for bike thieves. They will cheerfully ignore an angle grinder being used in the high street if you lose your own bike lock key!

Have a nice day! :)


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