4 Dec 2014

4th December 2014

Thursday 4th 34F, 1C, still, but heavily overcast again. Another grey day with slightly stronger winds promised for later. The cold, grey weather seems to have cleared the cycle paths of keen cyclists. I saw only one chap out training in the countryside yesterday, though the city had plenty of cyclists. Time for a walk. The winds stayed light so I was too arm in my duvet jacket. The ground was softer and stickier thanks to it rising only a couple of degrees above freezing.

Late morning ride to the shops. Cold but comfortable. Three fuckwit losers set off an illegal banger in a waste bin at a bus stop in a busy village just as I approached. There was a huge bang, a big cloud of black smoke and the bin was destroyed. With the debris and rubbish blown right across the road. Including sharp metal fittings of the bin itself which I just missed. Car alarms were set off as they captured it all on their iSlaves. No doubt to share their drooling idiocy on an equally sick world. 18 miles. Going out again. Another seven miles in a very grey world.

The Northwave MTB boots are proving very comfortable and warm. The one problem is the foolishly long loops, formed in the tension laces to the inner socks. There is nowhere obvious to put them. One thin string has already become trapped in a pedal and broken! What were they thinking? Was I supposed to put my foot through the loop?

I was surprised at a story in today's Danish national press. It was about neighbours being subject to passive smoking from neighbours "leakage." No word about the hundreds of thousands [millions?] of Danes subject to passive smoking from grey/black smoke pouring endlessly from their neighbour's chimneys? The air quality for those downwind of these chimneys must match many sites in the CCDC [Corrupt Communist Dictatorship of China]

Our house and garden constantly stink from illegal burning of reclaimed timber from demolition work. Even when they burnt "real" wood for heating in the past it was always too wet and stank of creosote and produced heavy grey smoke! Who knows what effect it is having on our health, quality of life and life expectation? The WHO?

Friday 5th 37F, 3C, misty, almost still, heavily overcast with light drizzle. Forecast to dry up later. So I'll decide about a ride if things improve. I have found and ordered a pair of quite modestly price, winter sunglasses with edge seals to the lenses. They were selling at half the usual Danish online price. My main worry is the darkness of the lenses which is not specified. They may still be suitable for cold but sunny winter days. The low, winter sun can be blinding on many of my rides. I should have mentioned that restoration of the private suspension bridge near Assens is progressing nicely.

It never cleared up and continued to drizzle lightly for most of the day. Traffic completely ignores the 30kph [20mph] illuminated speed signs outside a school. Very nearly a rest day. Only 7 miles.

Saturday 6th 41F, 5C, heavy overcast. almost still. Forecast to brighten up again later with sunshine possible after lunch. The cloud is already breaking up in patches.

A multi-vehicle pileup was caused yesterday on the Horsens motorway with 3 dead in thick fog. I'm amazed there weren't far more fatalities. We never go near the motorways now because they are the daily playgrounds of raving psychopaths. No matter how poor the weather there are always those travelling at well above the speed limit. The average speed is always well above the frequent signs. To drive at the marked speed limit is to invite endless juggernauts to overtake or sit on the rear bumper.

Fog and cloudbursts only spur the nutters to even greater excesses. The same is true on all roads. With oncoming headlight visibility literally down to 50 meters/yards in fog the majority are driving at their usually foolishly high speeds. Often taking every corner with a "racing line" which automatically means using the opposite carriageway! The majority of cars and lorries overshoot the sharp, blind corners on our local roads. Often crossing the double white lines by more than the entire width of the vehicle! Meanwhile the same, equally-unskilled majority are cutting every single corner going the opposite way! A certain recipe for disaster.

An update: A 23-year-old lorry driver has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. It is suggested that he drove into the back of stationary vehicles blocked by a previous incident. I wonder whether the police will automatically check the driver's mobile phone for activity just prior to "the accident". Or would that be an abuse of his human rights? I constantly see lorry drivers using handheld mobile phones while negotiating very tight turns with only one hand.

But enough of the thrice woes. I enjoyed an hour's walk in bright sunshine. Cloudless blue skies and almost no wind. Rode to Assens after the morning coffee and rolls ritual. Sunny with a light headwind. A bit short of breath but not enough to slow me down very much. The Bliz (sic) 'Altitude' wind-shielded sunglasses arrived and proved to be very dark indeed. The view was very sharp in the bright, low sunshine as the sun set. They'll be fine for riding into continuous, low winter sun or on sunlit snow. I have plenty of other sunglasses for dimmer conditions. Lowering my handlebars by 1cm had little noticeable effect. 26 miles.

Sunday 7th 38F, 3C, breezy, overcast, raining. It is forecast to rain all day, with winds gusting to over 30mph. So I might as well use it as a lame excuse for a rest day. Sad but true for multiple reasons.

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