1 Nov 2014

1st November 2014

Saturday 1st 52-57F, 11-14C, breezy, misty with lots of small clouds forming an overcast. Today's maximum temperature may set a new record. There is an inversion layer with 20C air temperatures. Wind speeds should remain quite low. Though you wouldn't believe it from the movement in the trees in the garden. Still bunged up and coughing from the 'flu.

Do my bales look big in this shed? Probably not food for animals but fuel for a heating system for vast pig sheds.

I found and fitted an 80mm stem which I bought for the Higgins while struggling with back pain last time. It was one of several in a series of ever shorter stems. Leading eventually to the shortest available. Thence an order for the Trykit when I still felt too stretched out on the Higgins. The odd thing is that my back doesn't actually hurt while riding. It just feels that I cannot lean over very far to rest on the brake hoods. A glance in a shop window yesterday showed I am sitting almost upright now.

Yet I can lean into a prone position and rest my forearms on the 'tops' like a peloton pace setter. Without much discomfort except to my forearms. Perhaps I just need tri-bars? Or elbow rests. I'll see how it goes today with the new, shorter stem. The previous one was 100mm. I had been using a 120mm stem from first obtaining the Trykit and had found that quite comfortable until recently.

I'd like to think I am not overdoing the trike riding. Because my mileages are almost half those of my "busiest" year. My daily mileage hardly adds up to a reasonable commute.

4.5 mile walk in the autumn woods in bright sunshine. Surrounded by loud, but hopefully distant, gunfire. It is often hard to judge how far away they really are. Thee wind is picking up to 20mph gusts on a 10mph southerly base. I had better choose a route to make it a crosswind. Do as I say. Not as I do. Headed straight into the wind to ride a loop. Sunny all morning with tailwind coming home. The shorter stem feels much more comfortable. [For the moment] 23 miles.

Sunday 2nd 53F, 12C, heavy overcast, breezy. Still coughing. I enjoyed a 3 mile walk as it grew gradually darker and more overcast. Returned to find a couple of dozen, heavily armed men guarding the local copse. I don't think it was actually planning an escape. Later it started raining. So I have put off my ride until after lunch. When I was rewarded by bright sunshine. Just another loop to the shops. I wore my overshoes in anticipation of dampness underfoot. It wasn't. Not anywhere. The copse was still there when I returned. Presumably the guards got bored and went home. 18 miles.

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