10 Nov 2014

10th November 2014

Monday 10th 46F, 8C, breezy, overcast, distant mist and raining. The forecast is rain until mid afternoon.

It always fascinates me how paths and tracks wander from the straight and narrow. Were there once obstacles in the way? Perhaps ancient trees or woods which once forced a detour? Re-routed streams which no longer demand a change in direction to reach a ford? A drained marsh? [Very commonplace in Denmark] Or claims to land which demanded respect from weary foot and horse travelers?  

It still surprises me that anyone would follow my blog actively enough to register their interest. While the blogs page views continue to rise steadily [now well beyond 250k] average visitor numbers are still quite modest. I am never sure what will hold a regular visitor's interest. Is it the photography? Or the rambles about cycling and tricycling? What about my regular rants? It is difficult to know. I have been advised to just write about what interests me. Rather than seek popularity by deliberately trying to please. Pictures of kittens and topless models may bring in the big crowds but are difficult subjects to keep in context with cycling. Though I do see an awful lot of cats and even kittens on my rides.

It took all morning to stop raining and remained heavily overcast. So I left mid afternoon. Rode home in the dark again. Using the quiet lanes rather than the busy main roads. Fortunately I remembered to take my lights. I looked like a Xmas tree from the rear. With a bright flashing light below the saddle for long distance visibility and one light on each lower seat stay. [As now required by law on trikes.] I could [and should] have taken a more powerful headlamp to light the often muddy road ahead. I bought a super bright, rechargeable, diode bike/head light in a supermarket special offer for only about £20 but haven't used it on the trike yet. Only 15 miles.

Tuesday 11th 42F, 6C, bright and still. A completely different day is promised after days of breezy overcast. An early start. Have just sorted out the plumbing in the bathroom and felled some trees. The Head Gardener has upgraded me to part-time superhero. Not sure about any extra perks though. I have plans for a slightly longer ride today.

It stayed weakly sunny all day until the last leg into a cold wind. Going well until I turned into the headwind. Cruising at 16-20mph for the first 25 miles. Half that on the way back. 48 miles.

Wednesday 12th 50F, 10C, gales, overcast and misty. Easterly winds gusting to over 30mph. Still not feeling well. Deaf with tinnitus. A rest day.

Thursday 13th 50F, 10C, still, misty, with grey overcast. My 'flu symptoms have almost gone except for a completely blocked left ear causing severe tinnitus. It is making me feel dizzy and nauseous. Even worse than yesterday. Took a slow and rather wobbly walk up to the woods. Light drizzle was accompanied by a thin, niggling wind from the southeast. I didn't feel like much of a ride today. Only 7 miles.

Friday 14th 50F. 10C, misty, heavy overcast, light breeze expected to increase to windy later. Possibility of light showers. It was spitting at first but soon stopped. Walked round the rural block. 3 miles. Feeling a bit better today but my ear is still blocked with tinnitus.

Rode to Odense to collect my replacement Salomon walking boots. The Goretex membranes had given up on the originals. Making them soak up the dew from wet grass like blotting paper. Headwind going. Crosswind coming back. Several suicidal motorists overtook me on hump back hills and blind corners. All survived to tell the tale. A mere few seconds delay in all cases would have left them with a perfectly clear road ahead. From my higher viewpoint I could easily see approaching vehicles. I even tried to warn one PWVM [Psychopathic White Van Man] by frantically flagging him down. Total waste of time! He overtook me straight into the path of a lorry on a twisting hump and missed it by inches.

I saw a police motorcyclist in a village where the average driving speed [for all vehicles] is twice the legal limit. If they had a speed camera facing both ways they could clear the national debt! 44 miles.

Saturday 15th 47F, 8C, windy [15 mph base with 35mph gusts] and a heavy overcast. Went for a walk to try out my replacement boots. Very comfy and waterproof. Just about to enter the woods when WW1 broke out! Severely shell-shocked with PTSD I shall be queuing for a refund as soon as I have finished the shopping. This is not my idea of "excused boots!" A headwind going. Tailwind coming back.  Too many driving lunatics to be even worth a mention. Loads of hunters out today. Perhaps I should buy an orange hat? 17 miles.

Sunday 16th 47F, 8C, very windy and overcast again. After a damp and windy walk the weather worsened. No point in a ride today.

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